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And the Tobin Bridge. You're okay and the Mass turnpike is clear out into Metro West. Miking. WBC's traffic on the threes and AccuWeather. Brian Thompson has the four day forecast. There will be a Ranger STO shower in spots into early this evening, but the sky will clear out over the course of the night. It will be brisk and chillier low down to 27 partly sunny fort Tomorrow, the chilly breeze The Times and you're 40 real Fields in the twenties to near 30. Partly cloudy tomorrow night low near 30 in Boston and will be in the twenties in the suburbs. Blustering colder for Wednesday with times of clouds and sunshine. The flurry can't be ruled out of the higher on 35 intervals of clouds and sunshine for Thursday, another brisk and chilly day with a flurry in spots and high Thursday around 34 degrees, not thank you. But the meteorologist Brian Topside, WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio. Right now it is 38 degrees and mostly cloudy over Boston at 7, 24 and now time for a check on New England business. The Biden administration once again tapping into the brain trust at M I T and Harvard Eric Lander, president and founding director of the Broad Institute at M I. T and Harvard will be joining the administration, along with Maria Zuber, who is the vice president of research at M I t. The two were introduced over the weekend by the president elect, They'll be top Advisers of science and technology for the new administration. Lander previously served on President Obama's Council of Council of Advisers on Science and Technology from 2009 to 2017, former ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy has resigned from the board of directors at Boeing. She was there for three of the worst years the company has ever injured after the aftermath. The 7 37 Max jets failures, which led to hundreds of deaths in two major crashes. They faced billions and losses, investigations and also a slowed rollout of the planes back into air space with the pandemic. Markets closed for the Martin Luther King Day holiday today. Wall Street.

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