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No question about that. And one big suggestion for any listener listening right now, look up Alex Cora's career because he was a hell of an infielder and I know Joey Cora was probably the more popular of the Korra brothers, but I will say Alex Cora, I went where you played for the Los Angeles Dodgers at one point. Alex core is responsible for the single greatest at bat I have ever watched my life. Let them fell, right? A lot of fouls, about a 21 pitch at bat that ended with a home run over the right field wall. It is the most incredible thing I've ever seen. And Alex core obviously arguably the best manager in Major League Baseball. Yeah, I would graduate. And you know what? Joey koros currently unemployed. He was let go as the pirates believe he's the third base coach with the pirates. And he is a terrific baseball mine too. I worked with him briefly at MLB network and what a smart guy Vanderbilt guy and ʻOumuamua tells me that Joey kor is actually a better strategist than Alex Korra. You know, I hope he gets an opportunity at some point to manage. And in terms of playing careers, I think Joey, Joey did have the better plane. I know that a bad made a big impression on you, but Joey Corey was a pretty good player. I mean, you know, I would say overall star. Yeah, he wasn't all star. 1997. Oh, wow, okay. Yeah, it was a pretty, pretty good player. And I remember Alex Rodriguez, whatever you think, him saying that Joey kora was a leader on those Mariners teams and really helped him a lot early in his career. So he's terrific, and I hope he gets a chance somewhere. I don't know. You know, you'd think his brother would be that would make sense, but maybe they don't like that nepotism thing. Sometimes like nepotism other teams don't. Yeah, I've seen it work and I've seen it not work in the exact same time. You don't want it to not work. Yeah, that adds a very, very interesting situation when it comes to Thanksgiving when you fire your brother at some point. And on top of that, I will tell you also Joey core is playing career. I was such a big, you know, it was the 90s. I grew up in the 90s and I was a huge Seattle Mariners fan like any kid that grew up in the 90s and Joey Cora was that leadoff man for that Seattle Mariners team. He also had the coolest batting stance in Major League Baseball. I used to mimic it all the time. Because that's what we did back then. It was a terrific player, a little fellow, smaller than Alex even and really really was a terrific two way player with a white socks. I believe, as well, wasn't he with a white sucks? I'm not sure. He coached with a white socks, I know. Again and really probably did all the work. At that point. Well, we'll edit it out. Well, let's get on to the other things that are taking place and this is actually a segment of the show. I'm gonna call peel back the curtain because we get a rundown every week from our great producer Dylan who does an incredible job with us. And Dylan is a mets fan. And I want to point out when I say peel back the curtain, it says right here, it's really cool to see the clippers. I mean angels making significant moves to address their needs. That is the most met's fan statement possible use so unhappy. Noah cinder guard is now a Los Angeles angel of Anaheim along with Aaron loop. Wow, I really loved the Aaron loop, pick up. Obviously, I like the syndergaard pickup as well for the angels, especially if you come back healthy. But Aaron loop has been arguably the best reliever in Major League Baseball for the past two seasons. Oh, I mean, he was almost unhittable this past year. I think left handed batters got like one or two RBIs against him or one or two extra base hits. Hit like 95 against them this year. 95 year a 0.95 year old this year. Incredible. And the angels really had struggled in that area. So that will be a big help for them. That's huge. And it's a lot of money 17 million. The mets weren't anywhere near that. They were not going to go anywhere close to that. So he did have a lot of interest, but that was the most interest and you know, the angels, I think their strategy is to go short term, high dollar per year and obviously they do that with synagogue. I was one of those who was surprised that he was able to turn down the qualifying offer and get more money. I was wrong there. Give it up to Noah for doing that. He threw two innings over the last two years. And he got $21 million at him. He got 1110 $.5 million an inning, which I think is more than even Verlander gun. I don't know Verlander got 50 million after throwing 6 innings over the last two years. So that's only 8.3, I believe something like that million parading. It's a great, it's a great time to be a talented pitcher and no one synagogue certainly is that. I'm in the upside is there. The moxie is there. I get it. It could work out big, but you know, it's a gamble for somebody with only through two innings with no breaking balls last year, but I'm rooting for Noah. I don't know if you notice you follow my Twitter, but no and I have become fast friends on Twitter. He does great tweet. I think he's the best tweeter among active ball players. Very entertaining fellow. And when I said that I was surprised he got the qualifying offer and expected him to take it. He had a funny tweet with that. And then, you know, obviously, disagreed with me. He was right. I was wrong. And, you know, it went from there with the comments with Mike Francis. So we won't get into the whole thing. But the last tweet from synagogue was that I'm his new bestie, basically. So I really appreciated that and he's got like 1.2 million followers. Then I'll tell you how good a tweeter is. I mean, he's basically hasn't pitched in two years. But he's got a lot to say he's very entertaining. Well, and he's also got that wonderful book club and everybody's got to join Noah's synta cards book club. First things first. But I'm gonna agree with you, John on one thing that you said, especially, I actually really like this move from the angels. I like these short term deals, a little bit of high value. I know they're spending a lot for the years, the AAVs, but this is a team that did draft 20 pitchers last year in 20 rounds, 20 full on pitchers. I think this is a team that's looking to spend some money short term on arms and hopefully develop these arms to the point where they can be a self sustainable organization because they just haven't been for the past 15 years..

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