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Traffic flooded roads construction and more available at houston trans star dot org from news. Eighty eight seven in houston. I met harrop communities along. The texas gulf coast are still recovering from what was hurricane. Nicholas this morning for you. And martin tells us residents called it a relatively minor storm yesterday or the city standards though hearts of galveston island saw flooding including the streets in the city's historic center. Strong winds took down. Some trees and traffic signs and a large part of the island had its power knocked out but many residents have lived through much more devastating. Storms jackson almond was checking on one of his rental properties in the island center. I think the winds were a little higher than expected. Yeah i think the island way worse. So i think everybody's just happy that they walked out and they it was. The damage was minimal. Compared to what's come through on the beach side strong winds took the roof off of a sonic drive-in and damaged several fishing piers. I'm florida and martin in galveston locally more than eighty one thousand centerpoint customers are still without power this morning. Just over forty thousand of whom live within city of houston limits according to a tweet by the mayor last night. Centerpoint says they've already restored power to more than three hundred sixty five thousand customers but the storm knocked out power for more than four hundred and fifty thousand customers at one point yesterday. Most texans without power this morning our customers of centerpoint energy. Now we're still in hurricane season and the safety of the city's homeless population remains. A big concern are camilo. Hannibal smith tells us how one organization is stepping in health out. When local weather gets dangerous. Homeless people are often left without a safe place to wait out of storm. That's when houston coalition for the homeless comes into help relocate people to other locations shelters and arou. She's vice president for program operations that we can do at. This point is Our outreach teams will go out and they have supplies They have water. And i kissed and ponchos and they will also offer to transport people from an area where there's going to be flooding to another area Phil outside roche says the during more extreme events. the city hopes to shelter individuals. I'm camile hannibal smith in houston toco vid harris county extending their program again providing financial.

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