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No no doubt no doubt after that the judge just as a just as a as a love note of done this for a long time i can spot an anti semite at a thousand yards in the dark and that's fine by the way i mean i i'm i'm fascinated by racism antisemitism misogyny i let these people on shows i do all the time i'm intrigued by it and in fact if somebody wants to stop data a say you know mark i think the jews you're taking over the world i'll spent a couple of minutes or somebody on that because it's pathological and it's interesting and daunting and probably worth talking about but when it just just derails a of something on another subject at that point he just becomes at annoyance no they got you know i i agree with you that point you buy it it should be known that it by it will not really look at what is happening within the moment i mean is it really pop that are shooting black people i look at the only way how much it life worth of black crime but they define appropriate that if a cop at somehow are wanted by now the dow listen you bet the fomenting of racial discord now that's the motivation that his real and poisonous and relevance in boyle put that under the microscope all day long thank sir appreciate it very very much what are we got about twenty stint minutes left here on the michael medved show mark davis filling in from 660 a and the answer here in the f w i get some other thoughts to share with you what what it out frank and think of kathy griffin that might not have been a question woke up ask yourself is what it but i got the answer for you that filling in for michael i'm mark davis sticker jody from ohio recently wrote in to relief factor she wrote i clean for a living in a very active i was having joint and muscle aches i started taking relief factor and it's helped immensely i'm telling everybody about relief factor that can work for you as well protecting you when you're working or playing or sleeping relief factor.

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