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The mainland hina the arrest in two thousand fifteen of the five booksellers by mayne lien chinese secret police was a real shock to the defenders of hong kong's freedom of speech and the rule of law and to the one country two systems principle the book sellers have been preparing to publish revelations about the chinese president xi jinping's private life and his finance shall dealings they reckoned without the long arm of beijing and a pack we were fake because we live in hong kong in fact often let hina how rather second fended has hates where the abduction we fear that hong kong if not hong kong anymore if the named hong kong only so you don't exercise any kind of selfcensorship you speak as openly now as you did before the booksellers went and after they went deal yaohua as the answer loving hong kong when i see that many of the media like new state bad television in hong kong paul having found fences shed and they i just reply name get things about the gaffe months i feel like i should have the responsibility suffice out what i think is right and what i think is for about this thing because when more and more me then hong caller having fao sanza set on that south ev noone sal out the truth wa alexander 'rational may be our next generation and people around a wild will not understand the situation off hong kong after the bbc news i'll be demining hong kong's full turning journey towards democracy and what dim sum dishes to order opel distribution of the bbc world service in the us has made possible by american public media producer and distributor of awardwinning public radio content apm american.

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