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I think he's starting to slip a little bit. I really do, I never thought he was a great fighter, but he's a good, good, solid fighter. Very good. And he had improved over the years. And now I think that he's starting to get a little sharp one. Just a little bit like I said long in the tooth and Benavidez might be too young too big because he's a naturally bigger guy than Canelo. I don't know if Canelo's heat and that Mexican hamburger stuff and, you know, he's the muscles of pumping a little bit extra. I don't know. But better vitas is a naturally big guy. I think he's younger, I believe he is. He's got less miles on his odometer, so I do think that better Frida's would have to improve off or would want to improve off of his outfit with plant. Use his jab. Don't just look for power shots. Don't look for single shots. You know, put punches together. That kind of stuff. But anyway, if it ever gets done, we'll do a fight plan on it. Oh, for sure. That would be a big fight. Yeah, that was a great breakdown. Let's talk quickly, José Ramírez and Richard Comey, Richard Comey seems to become in one of those gatekeeper guys like, hey, can you beat Richard Comey if so you're on to the next level, but if you can't beat Richard call me back to the line. Good way to put it. But I think he's probably gotten some big paydays in there with Tia fema and now he's in with José Ramírez, but I will say this. José Ramírez had a chance to take to take a title fight against the champion. He just pro gray, and I think they wanted to offer him 60, 40 for the champion, obviously. And I saw José Ramírez and his manager or promoter. I don't know what his role is or even what his name is, but I saw him on Twitter talking crap to Regis program. It drives me crazy when the managers and the trainers and the promoters are talking shit to the fighters. I'm like, you're not going to get in there and fight, let the fighter do the talking. Nevertheless, it looked to me like Ramirez didn't want any part of Regis. Because like with us, if you think you have a chance to win the title, when you have the title, you can be 60, 40. Go take the 40% and win the title and now you're the WBC champion if you think you could be programmed. I don't think José Ramírez seems like a very nice kid. I'm not trying to shit on Ramirez, but I obviously am partial towards Regis. So he's going to stay on that side of the road and if I try to fight fighters that Arab controls. And pro gate, I think is a free agent. It doesn't have a promoter in it. You can see that it's hurting if it's unfortunate that if you don't align and get in bed with someone, you ain't surviving on your own. They're keeping this kid on ice. He can't get a fight to save his life. No one wants to fight him. He's tough. Anyway, so Ramirez gets in with Comey's stops him. Pretty much what you would expect from someone to get to the next level. He ran right through Comey, beat him up pretty bad stopped him. How'd you like that one? Listen, always full disclosure, right? I didn't watch. I only saw tidbits of it. Peaked at it a little bit. Pablo Cano who does everything at Utah, the university of Utah. He had me and my son in his room. He had the pay per view on one screen. He had the ESPN fight on another. I couldn't watch the both just take little peaks because as we said, Benavidez and plant was on its same exact time, which I gotta believe took a lot of people away from the call me fight. It looked like a competitive fight early. It looked like a decent fight early back and forth. And then it looked like Ramirez looked like the bigger guy, but Ramirez call me on he knows one way he's a warrior. He fights with you. And he's got miles on his old domino. He's getting a little sharp one. And he got viciously knocked out by Tia fema Lopez. He's got miles on his old time. And you know, there's a lot of tread common autos, a little tread Commodore with those tires. And the mirrors pressed them, went to the body, kept the pressure. It looked from the little bit I saw that Ramirez was just grinding them down. You know, that it was a fight, but it was a little bit like, you know, the ocean is always going to have its way. You know what I mean? It's going to get to where it's trying to go. And mimir is look like the ocean getting to where he was going. And it looked like his precious constant pressure started the way down, call me the body work, look like that obviously definitely was damaging call me. Doing damage to, again, I don't have a mirrors look like the bigger guy to damage to the smaller man's body. And just wearing them down. Wearing down a very game Comey to wear when got to stop it's got to win after being awful. I don't know how long it was all for, but he's been off for a little while. And so he got a nice win against a former champion. I'm concerned about a guy like Comey. I like call me. Everything I've heard about him is a good human being. He trains his backside off. He just trade does whatever he's asked to do. And he's a good person.

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