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That wouldn't happen in a game uh you know wide girls nevers goodies first raised on ethics but anyway they uh and the the book and then semite i friendly i think but i believe now that the rule was they go to when they gets a tournament chugged the bitch ghenda tournament so that the voice don't play against girls in the staterun because some nearly wabc yes they won't play the team's some schools refuse to play any other team uptake of at acts that place boys essential check out of europe portugal today's globes which paid seaside this piece by ryan hemingway glow correspondent and they had the division oneself field hockey semifinal last night and two boys so that sounds to me like that's an ave changed it dancers last time i heard of a fake tropic and i might sound because you roll lucrative show art about and it gets towns at what yeah i mean nieto enacted what happened though west seven boys cited in a trial so the girl even made what happened to all the team safe place yeah i think that's the raising object i will say this to the question that mary raised if a girl wants to play quarterback if she's good enough great if there's a really fabulous girl player i hang on the little league team sarah parsons who eventually was a a great deal of hockey player at dartmouth and played on the us women's olympics team olympic team at torino in two thousand six she was the leading scorer i think that if a girl once the plane a boys hockey team in place you know with the rules earth is a girl that's really good in basketball and sheep look i don't see why that growth should have the.

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