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And the pats just did whatever they wanted to in the second half as Atlanta refused to run the football. So the names I keep an eye out for in tonight's game would be Philip door set and Chris HOGAN on the Pat side and on the ramp side. It would be just Reynolds these are all live or. Favors. I think that this is going to be a wide receiver driven game. I think that you know, you play both quarterbacks, but this is going to be wide receiver driven game as to who ends up winning it. Because it again, I think both teams the way they run their offenses with lots with differ, motions. Try to try try to confuse the defense is a lot of our brats trying to spring guys open and by robe routes. I mean, pick routes for those of you not familiar with the term where one wide receiver basically kind of runs into the the the the free open another wide receiver. Yes, it's illegal. But technically, you can make it look legal announced where it doesn't get flagged. And both teams do very very good job of it multiple times during game. So. Again, as I said I like both quarterbacks. I liked those that wide receiver pairing Gumbo. Where you you got you got Reynolds you've got door set. You've got you got HOGAN, you know, adamant I always think is in play here. Just because of his connection to Brady. It's just one of those where he's he's gonna he's gonna get he's going to get the service from Brady. There's to me there's almost no chance that that Ataman dozen get the service from Brady. So, you know, as I said, this is a case where I fully expect to see lots of lots of targets between that pairing of players now over on fan duel the rules change it up a bit. Because of the fact that in the MVP spot, you don't have to pay one and a half times your salary, and you still get one and a half times appoints for the captain spot so in the captain's spot, it makes complete sense to play the quarterbacks, and you know, golf is priced at the exact same levels Brady. Now, I could easily see folks do in a contrarian play here where you know, you play golf because you know, everyone and their grandmother will be on Tom Brady playing that lineup. My thing is is that, you know. Yes, I could go out probably play one or two lineups with golf in the MVP spot ahead of Brady. But you know, I'm not I'm not I'm not going all out to try to win the million dollars by be playing the less advantageous play. I still think you gotta go with what makes the most sense and that being playing with Tom Brady and the captain's. The MVP spot over on fan duel. Now, if you want to be a little bit contrarian, I do feel as though playing Julian Edelman on a happy are saying that in fan dove versus full PR side on draftkings. That's where you start getting a little contrarian you can play golf as well. You can play both quarterback still you play element that ties up your salary. But then you run it back with a guy like Tyler higby, the tight end for the Rams or jail ever the entertainment for the ramps at in Josh Reynolds because those are going to be cheap own guys. But If Reynolds is on the field chances are higby and never aren't on the field. So they don't necessarily positively correlate. But you're trying to make your lineup different enough. And that's how you make it different. Is the fact that you're putting in guys have folks necessarily want have playing together? But at the same time folks are not necessarily stacking both quarterbacks and men in the same in the same. Herring. Because of how much salaries take it up..

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