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Exists in the black community In that environment is real. It's serious, and it's consequential, but it doesn't. We're not justify violence and or looting. The officer is on administrative leave pending an investigation by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Aisha Roscoe NPR news The White House A curfew is in effect there this evening. Within three months after the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol, Congressional lawmakers say they're still trying to figure out how to move ahead and prevent future attacks. Top priority is deciding what to do with the Black fence that surrounded the capital since the incident. Other focuses. The Capitol police were badly outnumbered that day. The House Administration Committee, which oversees the Capitol, police, is holding a hearing Thursday to examine it. Internal agency report looking at mistakes that were made For the past week, Kentucky is vaccinated thousands of incarcerated people against covert 19 Korean border of member station W. E K U Reports announcement comes after the state reported its highest positivity rate in a month. The Kentucky Department of Corrections inoculated 68% of the state's prison population within a week. Positive cases in jails have dropped significantly over the past month. Executive Cabinet Secretary Jay Michael Brown says people who are incarcerated received the one dose Johnson and Johnson covert 19 vaccination and that was very deliberate because we didn't want to have to be in a situation of having to go back and do Second doses on what might be a transit population. Kentucky officials urged the public to sign up for the thousands of vaccination appointments open across the state after the state's positivity rate increased for NPR news. I'm Corin Boyer and Lexington. The Biden administration says it's reached a deal with the trio of Central American nations to temporarily surged troop to their borders in an effort to reduce the tide of illegal immigration at the U. S southern border. White House press secretary Jen Psaki announcing Mexico will maintain a deployment of about 10,000 troops. While Guatemala has sent 1500 police and military personnel to its border on Doris has deployed 7000 police and military White House officials as Guatemala and Honduras are deploying troops temporarily in response to a large chairman of migrants has been organized. At the end of the month. On Wall Street, the Dow dropped 55 points. The NASDAQ fell 50 points. This is NPR and this is KCRW on a Monday, April, the 12th and Larry Perella. Here's what's happening at 604. Some local movie theaters now the latest victims of the fall out from the Corona virus pandemic. The chain behind are quite cinemas and Pacific theaters say they won't be reopening any of their locations after being closed for more than a year. That's even as movie theaters are allowed to open up in L. A counting. Classic locations that will no longer welcome. Audiences include the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood and deadline. Reports that feeder, one of the highest grossing movie theaters in the nation's for their closure could be a bad sign for the movie industry's recovery. The statement. The chain says they're shutdown was not the outcome anyone wanted, but they have no viable way to move forward. One effort is underway to stop the plan closure of a parochial school in San Fernando State Fernet Ferdinand Catholic School is one of six elementary schools in the archdiocese that are scheduled to close in June because of dropping enrollment school has been open for more than 90 years. Parents and students rallied at the school yesterday to pressure church officials to reconsider that decision. Current Gina Franco was one of the organizers. She told Katie L. A five that knowing they'll have to switch schools has been a blow for students have already been disrupted with the pandemic emotionally and just starting to come back. They find out two weeks into school year that the school's closing, so that's another, their emotional hit for our kids. The archdiocese says that ST Ferdinand was struggling even before the pandemic and Seen more than a 40% drop in enrollment in the last year. Officials say the school is losing 350,000 bucks a year. Franco says she hopes families could be persuaded to come back now that school is returning to in person learning. We like to bring a lot of kids back and a lot of parents to enroll their kids here and give us the opportunity to raise the funds we need to raise. Other schools on the closure list or assumption in Boyle Heights, Blessed Sacrament and Hollywood, ST Catherine of Sienna and received a Saint Francis of Assisi and Silver Lincoln State Madeleine in Pomona. With vaccination rates increasing in the promise of California's economy reopening this summer. Does that mean you consume? Get rid of those masks? You've gotten Lee Riley, professor of Epidemiology U C. Berkeley says Not so fast. Oh, I think this is something that's not going to go away. I think we're gonna have a situation with this virus is always gonna be circulating. So during certain seasons, people are gonna have to continue to wear masks. Really says it would be a cultural adjustment for Americans to periodically where masks throughout the year. Support for NPR come from the Wallace Foundation, working to develop and share practices that can improve learning and enrichment for young people and the vitality of the arts. For everyone, ideas and information of Wallace foundation dot orcs six minutes past the hour. This is all things considered from NPR news. I'm Mary Louise Kelly in Washington and I'm Elsa Chang in Los Angeles. It is the 11th day of testimony in the murder trial of Derrick Show Vin. He is the former police officer accused of killing George Floyd. The city is on edge after another black man, 20 year old Dante, right, was fatally shot by police in a suburb of Minneapolis, the night of protests and unrest, which Included looting, damage. Property and tear gas cast a shadow over the proceedings today, just as George Floyd's brother took the stand, NPR's Leila Fadel is in Minneapolis and joins us now Haley left. Heil. So, So.

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