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Welcome back. Frankie Boyer, cannabis talk agency, and educational odyssey. We're talking to Dr Gregory l Smith, and we're talking about some of the distinct distinctive traits between. CBD oil aka hemp oil, and that now many people. And many companies are putting hemp oil for the legal reasons. Very confusing for the public Dr Gregory l Smith to figure out what they should what they need and how they needed and why they need it. So. If you can just share with us a little bit about. Who would benefit from? CBD hemp oil. So what what they've been using instead of the term CB in the last year. Hampel extract. So you're looking for you know, a term extract. So they they got the hemp oil which has a hundred and ten different oils in it. And they specifically took out this one oil. And they put it in edible. So you're looking for him extract or full spectrum and or the term full spectrum? The full spectrum. Exactly. So you got these are high quality products, and they are just not putting the term CD on the label to keep the federal government happy. The good news is there is a law are written very very close to being signed. It's called the two thousand eighteen farm Bill. And when that is signed we can stop worrying about we can start putting CD back are labels. Okay. That's what I thought. Yeah. THC CD, you'll be the same thing. We can actually start calling people know exactly what they're buying when when we start when we started this conversation over two years ago. Now, we said to people that are Endo cannabinoid system, which we all found out about it about twenty years ago twenty thirty years ago, the science behind it that we are all efficient many of us are deficient. Not all many of us are deficient. And that this full spectrum oil hemp boil or CBD could help us with anxiety with depression with pain. Now, you're saying that one of the oils can help with blood sugar. Are we going to continue to see this spectrum of areas in which this miraculous plant where you will not get high. We're just talking right now about the full spectrum hemp as opposed to the THC. We're just talking about that part of the plant right now. Are we going to start to see more and more uses of this plant? Yeah. So at this conference that was in July, not those papers won't be for another year. So you can't even Google had to be there in the conference. We're going to see new products come out that treat assists, fractures that won't heal. A one of the oils in hemp oil. It's called CBC buyer. Call it CBC that oil turns on our osteo class and pasta blast cells that mold and bone and make it structurally sounder stronger. Found that CBC turns these cells on people with osteoporosis and fracture. So there's a whole nother area and a whole nother oil. We're gonna learn about that doesn't get your high very very safe come from a weed and should be very cheap. When we get these oils and get the manufactured. So it's a whole nother area to process killing the next area. We'll look at his anti so new antibiotics that work in novel means all the current antibiotics are on the market that will be using to treat Mercia other really difficult confections. It's coming down. I spoke to a friend last night that I when I go to my shows, I I get samples, and he kind of is had had some serious issues with his back and neck infusions and nerve damage and has had problems his entire life since he was nine years old with seizures. And depression. Attention deficit disorder is on tons of medications for pain for attention for all those things. And he started to do some research about CBD and found that this oil. Has made a difference in his life. That for the first time in his life. He wakes up in the morning and doesn't spend most of the morning in the bathroom throwing up in trying to get himself ready to get out the door to perform and do a job. That these stories out here every day, Frankie that that's where you'll hear the enthusiasm. Not just my. Whereas world and talk with and healthcare providers and psychologists. None of enthusiasm. Because we hear these stories all the time every day. Yeah. They just drivers further motivators to continue to you know, to see what's in stuff and how we can use it to help people. It's amazing. And he said that not all of the products are alike in and he's confused by the dosage, and he's confused about how to take it and went to take it. And unfortunately. There's no answer for him. Because that's exactly the truth. My sweet spot. Is not going to be your sweet spot. What works for me? And the milligrams and the dosage that I take may not work for you. Or may be too much for you. And well, how do we know that? But we have to learn how to try Cade, and we also need to learn how to. Play around with the formulas, and it's all trial and error. And I and I wish it could be different way. But it isn't. Or is it? You're exactly right. And you know, you could from the D book one to empower people, you don't need a doctor Bob with you. Unless you have a condition where you already seen a doctor. But you know, for many that the uses up CD, you don't need a doctor. You can do it yourself. Start low start below the expected dose. Well, the low, and you move up every four five days up to that that level you try different. Try four old lingual topical combined with a sub lingual. That's what the book teaches you empowers you to go with Fairmont because it's so safety now going to hurt yourself. Do many other. Even aspirin. So you can say that with some education, some basic education that you find my book there's other books that teach you this websites. So that's how that's the trick. Is you're you're gonna learn for yourself. Also big part of the book and of the discourse about CD. Is there so much bad product on the Mark? Plus percent. Yes, you go. Find it. The health is terrible. The mini mart is junk. It's an isolated coconut oil, and it's not gonna do the trick. And then you're gonna think CBS and work in your mom. Used junk. Right. You can't use junk just can't it has to say full spectrum. Hemp oil or CBD full can Abba noise or in it. And and all of the ingredients that that you need and when we come back from break. My question to you. We are in an opioid crisis can this plant save us. And I'm going to let the Dr Gregory l Smith is with us today. Noted author MD masters in public health and give us the website. Is.

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