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Not the only one that lurks around in the darkness though God. Oh, no as it would turn out Charlotte. She's just the one who likes to appear the most. Today not he's is one of the Midlands more popular hotels. It's dark and cozy it has a wood-paneled pub with Rory log fires on colder nights and and it offers tasty pub fare and beer on tap while the more elegant dining room doubles as a multi-purpose room off the bedrooms are comfortable in a spacious Garden offers a relaxed place to enjoy a sunny Midlands afternoon. It doesn't matter how old the place is not he's hotel is one of the areas in most popular landmarks and it boasts a colorful history of more than a century area that has been known to please travelers from all over the world. The spirits here are full body and more ways than one. One lovely spring afternoon the front desk manager of the hotel at the time found himself in the middle of a phone call a potential guests was inquiring about room availability and see what sorts of activities that they offered because they had two young children. Well, the manager was doing his best to answer all the colors questions when all of a sudden a mysteriously gorgeous woman in a black Victorian Era gown glided past the front desk without saying a word to him cuz the manager to do a double-take. He'd never seen the woman up until that moment. She wasn't a guest of the hotel that he was aware of. The woman continued past the desk and entered the kitchen as if she were on a mission. Now the manager was confused. He said the phone down and he went to investigate upon entering the kitchen. He called out to her. Pardon me Madam. I do believe you're lost the room appeared to be empty from what he could see in The Echoes of his boys bounced off the different walls and made them back to his ears a creepy feeling washed over him which naturally made him feel rather uneasy out of nowhere the mysterious woman reappeared and quickly darted into the adjacent conference room the way in which this woman moved killed the front desk manager. He knew she was not of this Earth. Was it the beautiful Charlotte he had heard so much amount the beautiful prostitute who once roamed these Halls so terribly long ago, He didn't quite know but he knew there was something weird going on. Rington the most active hot spot in the entire Hotel rumor has it that this is where Charlotte was staying when she threw herself to her Death From a Balcony guests who have stayed in this room have reported any and all sorts of strange happenings. They will find problems with their television turning off while you're in the middle of watching. It footsteps have been heard in and even outside the room late into the night fresh flowers have been discovered on certain occasions beds have been made with fresh Linens and suitcases have even been unpacked the staff certainly does not mind whose as few things as good hellbitch. Sometimes hard-to-find. One night a male guest found himself drifting off to sleep in room 10. The room is very comfortable. By the way with whatever modern amenities a traveler might need it had been a long journey and just as the guest was nearly asleep he heard what sounded like footsteps walking across the room toward the bathroom. He lifted his head gently and peered through the darkness a strange figure can barely be seen hunched over the sink. Not sure if it was a hotel staff member. He called out to them. Hello wage. What are you doing in there? Is there some sort of problem? No one answered him back the water to the sink did turn on. Well, the guests heard it and wondered what in the world was happening. He got out of bed slowly and turned on a nearby lamp as he looked over at the bedroom. There wasn't anyone there that he could see he walked across the room. Hello. He tried soliciting her response Once More by the time he reached the bathroom. He realized whomever it was they were definitely no longer there the water to the sink continue to run without any explanation. So we turned it off and he went back to bed. Several hours passed and the sun prepared to raise its weary head the water to the same came on without any Rhyme or Reason in the bathroom the guest who lied sleeping so quietly suddenly awoke to the sounds thinking that it was all part of a bad dream. He was having wiping his eyes. He got up from bed. He walked across the room to deal with this problem once more he stood there at the sink for a moment. This was to sneak range was this some sort of joke or prank of some sort. He turned the sink off one last time and then he heard footsteps quickly making their way to his dorm. He hurried in that direction and out of the bathroom as fast as he could go and just at the last second he witnessed the door to his bedroom as it slammed. Well, this joke wasn't funny anymore. And honestly, it creeped him out. He ran to the door opened it up looked out at all of the second floor off. There was no one in sight. He decided right then and right there that he most certainly needed a wrong room change. On another completely different occasion a female employee of the hotel found herself in need of accommodations for a couple of days. She got the infamous room 10, of course and it put her on edge. She was reassured by her manager that everything would be all right, and that the the resident ghosts were always friendly reluctantly. She took the room and settled in for her first night stay. Have one point in the middle of the night. She was woken. Abruptly to a set of strange sounds she turned on the bedside lamp. It sounded like someone was crying just near the bed just a few feet away from her stood a little boy with blonde hair and he was dressed in old-fashioned clothes. The staff member was so terrified. She reached for her Bible just near the lamp and held it out in front of her. There was something off about this little boy and she didn't care to find out what she held that money most steadfast and she told him to leave at once. He didn't budge the sounds of crying began to fill the room again, but the child was stock still in his mouth never moved. It remained closed the poor woman closed her eyes now and instructed the boy to lie. He once more when she opened them it was gone the experience still bothers her until this very day..

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