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Had a grade class. A couple of months playing at a really high level would have been great to see him make the all star team. But I think he's done. The thing may the best of ever got away and looks refresh charged. I think the break for everybody is always good. But particularly for our team know having gone deep into the playoffs. The last few years. Yeah. I think that's absolutely true. He said it was big for him, mentally, and it was big for him physically. And here he is talking about that exactly that the all star break for him. Amazing amazing. Just get a chance to relax. Kinda step away from the game a little bit. And just decompress. I what. Wherever was kind of a little up and down physically and emotionally. So he'll just get a chance to get away. Relax. Enjoy. I knew the time. Yeah. Get back to business. That's what it's all about. Coming back out. Trying to win yourself a world championship warriors looking to get back to the NBA finals Draymond green going to be a huge part of that. You imagine that they'll probably rest these guys sporadically throughout the second half. You know, this is when you start taking away fourth quarters from Steph curry you start taking them away from clay when you're a big at the end of a ballgame. You see a lot of a lot of Quinn cook. There's also speculation as to whether or not the warriors will still add a fifteenth player. So I was looking at that. And later made a couple of a couple of assumptions about that that it could be Robin Lopez we've heard that name a bunch, but Robin Lopez has got to be bought out by the Chicago Bulls by March the first in order to be eligible to play in the postseason for another team. So it's seeming more and more unlikely that that will happen now Marsin Gortari big man, huge center big cog played for the wizards for a long time. But you spend some time in Orlando wanna say after look that up. I know he was with the wizards for a long time. He was just bought out by the clippers the guy who's a great offensive rebound or something. The warriors have struggled with this year defensive rebounding. He's guy do it for you in forty seven games the clippers this year five point five and a half rebounds in sixteen minutes a game. That's pretty good. If he's out there just to be a rim protector to give you some Zaza like minutes or some depth behind a DeMarcus cousins, that's not a bad option to go with. He's a good offensive rebounders. I mentioned his numbers down a little bit in that category. This year again, just the sixteen minutes a game. He was bought out about three weeks ago two and a half weeks ago by the clippers and then the other report is that Damian Jones who tore the pectoral and was recovering from that from early in the season. They're saying there's potential for him to return some time in may. So maybe they've already got the depth on the roster. Are you comfortable with Damian Jones coming back now? And look, I know I hate it on him coming into this season saying we really put in that much that much weight into this kid shoulders. And then it was a factor when he went down that was definitely. The problem not having that size. But the thought is do you want him to come back without the wind without the playing alongside these guys without being in rhythm. There's a case for rust versus rest with a young player like that Draymond green. I don't think he rusts I think he just rests up. He knows how to take care of his body after this many years. The league was brings us to our our last Raymonde comment here from practice. He echoed with Steve Kerr said, and and you know, this guy always thinking about the defensive side of the ball Draymond green on the second half limitation on.

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