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Is a podcast from the bugle. The dawn dawn's over a new dawn. Imagine listening if you will, the reflection of a sun in a river is shattered as a group of animals crosses together around a large rock that soars above the savanna, a lion stands alone on the promontory, a herd of kuduz, watches the lion shuffling aside as the tip of a staff. Bob's between them. The animals part to make way for the bearer of the walking stick an old monkey who climbs The Rock, presumably this takes some time, but we cut him reaching the top of The Rock because the viewing audience has a smaller projected attention span than a zebra. A liner sits just back from The Rock promontory with the golden bond or between her paws. She looks quite good for someone who's just given birth, manifesting her person the unrealistic pressures we place on new mothers. The big lie in approaches and the two.

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