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Lead building give football their own building for for their their players to congregate and hang out and do things but i think the bigger effect is what does it do for these other programs at the institution in in unlv's cases when football does move into the football facility they're gonna have too much space leads going to open up hell they got the football team out of here what are we lease gonna open up so the weight room right now that football is kind of dominating in the lead it's going to be available now for all the other sports you know so i think there's there's a there's kind of a filter down effect for the other programs that's more beneficial than than it will be for we'll be for football and granted it's it's nice to be able to pull up and say okay this is our football building we've got our own training table in here we've better on weight room in heber shop barber shop i'm going to get a five star kid because of that i want a five star kid to commit to your novi and say man they had a great barber shops have better happen at some but basically all it is is it's just some rooms with some chairs yeah bring you own your own clippers somebody else has to catcher yeah so you gotta get the other players to cut your hair so but i think at the power five level they've all gotten so rich with the money facilities are not that big a deal anymore everybody's got him now to me the biggest takeaway on this is as much as like tony sanchez or any coach who's getting a new facility is going to tell you how great it is for their program and recruiting i think the biggest takeaway is that any programs facilities are going to be way down the list on why a kid comes to your school like relationship with the coach way more important as you said a minute ago how good the team how good the program in the history of the program you know your shot at playing time way more important television like how close it is to your home which can be a good or bad things about you wanna leave somebody's wanna stay right facilities there on the list like oh a kids like oh yeah i like the facilities but they're not anywhere near this how to deal breaker it's not i think we do i think tony sanchez has managed to over hype this facility in terms of how great it's gonna be for recruiting well but but again i think you've got to you've got to have a crutch to get you to that next level yeah and this is what he's been using instead of a bowl game to say look i'm doing here yeah now you now you're going from he'll sam boyd stadium to the raiders stadium how is that a plus or minus yeah i we we won't know till we get in there and probably not for four or five years so you know i think it i think it's great to say we're making that next step i think it all falls back into the discussion we had the other day about just what's going into the power five thing those are things conferences look at when you're looking to move into a power we need to actually get somebody from like the pact over the big twelve and figure out what they think about unlv like just like what are you like what did you tell lynn jessop i would love for them to be like we didn't talk i don't know where he got that from cause i would we just need to find somebody from the pack to over bake twelve they can they can be like yeah unlv's pluses or this they're minuses are this and we never talked to lynn jessop because i'd love to hear that that'd be.

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