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We see a hands free vehicle that doesn't have a steering wheel in it any time in the near future, what we're going to be seen or like dedicated delivery vehicles that work on very predictable routes. That's coming first. Yeah, like the Noid is back from Domino's pizza, and he's driving an electric car or just I think bothering it. He's not driving it at all. It's driving itself to deliver pizzas. They never get it there on time anyway, I don't expect it's gonna hope that all Tom I thank you so very much. The Chicago Auto Show is returning Cam. You said the dates it's July 15 through the 19th. It's shorter than has been in the past. You know, they're starting out slow, so it's only gonna be What? Five days versus normally, isn't it like, two weeks or something, but they wanted And for the first time, it's gonna be an indoor outdoor thing versus just indoors. I'm looking forward to it, Tom. I know you're gonna be there and thank you so much for chatting with us about this today. We really appreciate it. Great chatting with you. Tom Appel, publisher at Consumer Guide Automotive, and I think it's consumer guy dot com. Yes, I'm on the website. Now there's a lovely picture of Tom a bell. 5 16 here on WLS can get us caught up on traffic right now. And speaking of cars on the Eisenhower it's stopping Go outbound between Racine Avenue and First Avenue delays running 30 minutes on. I 55 we have a disabled vehicle, blocking the left lane south bound between the Veterans Memorial Tollway and Veterans Parkway. On the Stevenson also a slow go out down between the Dan Ryan and Pulaski Road. Next traffic update in less than 15 minutes. You see people running all the time. Lot of people have a route. This guy part of his running route is he runs through the local cemetery amongst the dead. Is it disrespectful through a cemetery? Not because you're terrified of the zombies chasing you. Then.

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