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Sending his out of discussing this rhyming open source investigation is where it's all that today. These are parliamentary questions. It says, the commission has pledged to purchase three, hundred, million doses of the one we were just looking at C. H. A. D. O. X. I or one. PRODUCED BY ASTRA ZENECA SAYS HOWEVER It appears that the clinical trials conducted by. Astra Zeneca to ascertain the side effects of the vaccine do not comply with the standard protocol followed by pharmaceutical companies to verify the efficacy and safety of the medical products. Why didn't you? Did you hear about that on the news by nearby that don't you think that would be a massive gigantic thing to report. We see they don't care to report anything that may cause you to have vaccine hesitancy, which means they straight up to you to make sure that you're not scared about something that they don't want you to be scared about. It's for your Best Info just like the vaccine they're doing something that's incredibly dangerous and dishonest and unsafe freer safety because that makes sense. But it goes on to say instead of using a control group of test subjects injected with a saline solution as a placebo, the Astra Zeneca Trot clinical trials use injections of the Meningitis Vaccine Nimmer ex from Pfizer pushed that great. So not only are they making these separately but different? LASTRA'S ANTICA IS PURCHASING VACCINES FOR PFIZER TO USE in their study as a control arm. So even in their placebos in their trials, they're profiting from different groups of. Obscene. It's obscene. Best, ignoring for the fact, for the moment, the idea that they're literally giving you another vaccine in this when you're being pulled, it's a placebo. I find to be sick personally as and then they go and ask on what grounds does. Astra, Zeneca operate differently from other laboratories and why does it use a meningitis vaccine for its control group? So now that we have that established. Let's go back and ask ourselves why we have mainstream outlets in different individuals or even just studies coming out and claiming the exact opposite. Because it is the case. It's a question we should be asking ourselves more. So because of the mainstream media, you'll right you go right now and you search for specifically sailing see Boston Zeneca. I promise you'll find endless articles making the casual reference to a saline placebo because the either didn't care to do their journalistic due diligence or they're lying to you. Pretty. Simple. Well. Speaking of this since we know that this is what they're now using for a control arm stood furture to them because they know that will give you negative side effects. They want to make sure that the other one also gives you a negative side effects like that's the most logical. It's actually it's logical in the sense that that makes sense. For making sure that you have a bad way of it i. mean, it's just incredible to me, but here's the the the vaccine. And the side effects of it let's say in some cases, people who experienced mild to severe reactions after being vaccinated according to the Scene Injury Compensation Program, which we're GONNA look at in a minute because people still pretend that's not real. There have been forty seven claims filed for injuries and deaths following that vaccine as of September. First Twenty fifteen including two deaths and forty five serious injuries. So now we can realize Oh, maybe it was the same. Maybe it was the placebo that they gave him. They died anyway nonetheless doesn't..

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