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Enshrined to innovate faster trying to get things that the and faster doug industries famous revenues extremely long us or parttime idea because he was a car in volvo has to be right on offer at the the right edge in and so you know yes yes you what's up her in the car but if the way it works that you wait for the carter release in their whenever soft we have available so he gets gets put its put into it and you get your wedding on like a five year for thousands of your time line but his love change into question that sorta business model and figure out ways for us to push updates a little faster and decouple certain components of the car from each other so that you know even if certain certain things do have to change with having a sevenyear not ovik does and so we can push on a more reasonable time so timeframe and so i think then not going to have the situation where you're six about to be your seven so we just had six years of like the same experience about to have his brand new car alliance be released and we don't want to talk about that who's gonna hurt or your six sales you know in this is big gap between it to really the gaps between releases there should be allowed a lot smaller earlier in so you know issue be a really more apparent to sort of the customer the rate of this sort of stuff and they can be the judge they want to wait another six months to see like the next generation or if they want to commit now or you know wait six months in the by the previous generation or whatever kind of business model sure that ends of being uh but i mean it's at soda someone from the phone world drive by phone now or droid for apple to reach the next one in three months israeli i think a very real questions of ask themselves and i don't think uh from a consumer standpoint is a very clear leica optimal decision to make to wind up what's the main motivation for you guys to come have a presence at nipped sought to your question so.

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