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Was the girlfriend and future wife of the drummer for buddy Holly, and the crickets she was Peggy sue Nancy Sinatra was Frank's first wife got a K. With the Laffin. She certainly inspired Frank in many ways, but she was not the inspiration for francs song Nancy with the laughing face. The original name was Bessie. It was Nancy because well, you know, Frank Sinatra was singing in other musicians like to tie themselves to Sinatra. Rapper. Chris Mack, sampled old blue eyes. Charles as Navarre was nicknamed Francis. Frank Sinatra you can love when your dreams fall apart on the sea. They did do wet. But as Navarre was well known all on his own. I always love. When we can. This song was also a hit for a country music star ROY Clark. I. But taste of life was sweet. As rain upon my tongue victim own was an old school crooner. Aw. Post war years and even into the rock era. Tab. Hunter was a teen. Heartthrob? Yeah. Joe Jackson was a.

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