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The flight so now the airline absent of the apartment of transportation for the FAA stepping in and saying here's the universal airline playbook with regards to how we're going to handle this it's left up to each individual airline to adopt and enforce their own individual policy so the problem is going to be how are you going to do this where you're going to Hey make people feel safe even though mass mail may not help okay and then do you try to keep people coming back to the you so desperately need that from a revenue standpoint so I mean it's a no win situation for the airlines and they're playing unfortunately became a public relations or they're trying to make everybody happy the problem is you can't do that because you're going to alienate a portion of the traveling public J. I. I really want to know this is important question how did in accordance with his alcohol going to be back on you know the date okay the reason they're not serving alcohol is because of the fact that he wants to keep her mask on so the more alcohol these are the moments come down and the less alcohol we drink the P. or trips to the laboratory will make because you certainly don't want somebody walking up and down the aisle hacking the whole way or whatever perhaps infecting the entire plane so those are the two reasons the fact easyjet the European carrier said and I quote they're going to have their flight attendants monitor the restroom usage I have no idea what that means well that's what their lives like yeah you've been the bathroom three times of some airlines with first class they're going to allow alcohol to be served in in different things but you know the idea of it it's gotten this muddy just reinforces just how wild and wacky the aviation industry is at a time when were you in unprecedented waters where airlines are losing forty fifty sixty million dollars a day each for the around the world collectively they're gonna lose eighty five billion dollars plus this year we have to worry about trying to keep everybody happy and that is impossible to do the important thing is you might fly American Airlines from Cincinnati to the coast come back on United they might have to completely separate policies so that you have no consistency in knowing what you need to do or not need to do with regards to your mask do you want to mention something about the ATP stated out loud sorry to hear that the stadium is not going to host the Tennessee by my dad built that back in the late seventies I remember when we were surveying I was a teenager he was telling me that they were building a tennis stadium all these big guys like McEnroe and Borg and Connors were going to come to play tennis and I laughed at me because teenagers we know everything right course and doggone it if they didn't build it and they came but yeah I graduated in eighty one and I believe that's when they have the first matches there but yeah I hate to see the place you know him because it's an incredible facility that the players absolutely love I mean I understand okay international travel it's easier to get to and keep in one place but I would be out of New York for a Lotta reasons right now right there's you know lots of protest I can break out at any time there are you know because you know there's damage all that sort of thing there's it is the hot bed for coping I mean like what one third or if not more of all deaths of happened in New York is in Mason Ohio J. se for the New York City yes and it's a you know I actually talk for a moment they might consider just holding both here but you know the tradition being what it is they're not going to have you know the U. S. open here but the ideas with no fans into the play are you talk to him but love coming here and it's that they have ever since you know nineteen eighty one and it's a it's a proven facility but yeah it's it's gonna be a shame come summer of the many casualties were not going to have some incredible tennis at you know stating that we can enjoy very very said Jay thank you so much no problem please J. J. rallis so well we'll get some traffic.

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