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Hogwarts professors never use transfiguration as punishment. Surely Dumbledore told you that, right. You might have mentioned it. They might have mentioned it by the way I'm gonna Imperio Mike. Now Harry and his peers have seen some shit where teachers are concerned Lockhart was dangerous fraud who tried to wipe their memories Hagrid again, our guy, we love, we'll have him lound up at a ministry hearing because of one of his lessons voldemort for crying out loud was sticking out their defense against the dark arts teachers head, and you're on solid teacher. Good. Tick, euless attention. Tell any schedule the syllabus, but may have never seen anything like this. They're witnessing teacher, someone who is supposed to be trusted authority figure, literally a Beuys ING, a student in plain sight for all to see run is delighted by this. Yes, he's reminding not to ruin the best moment of his life and look surely reading this. There's some part of you that has some inclination to feel the way Ron does what a shit show would horrible person. Malfoy is, but think about what is really happening here. Think about what we are witnessing. Nothing about this is okay in even Harrier. Others feel joy at Malfoy, getting his come up. They also have to feel on some level in her mind. He thankfully voices this that what they just witnessed was dangerous and alarming and the man doing it might be capable of things. They've never seen. Oh, tell me about it. That's both terrifying for these youngsters, thrilling later the twins and Lee Jordan sit down and gush about moody. How cool is he beyond? Cool, super cool. Harry asks what the lesson was like. Fred encouragingly exchanged. Looks full of meaning ever had a lesson like it said, Fred. He knows men said Lee knows what said Ron knows what it's like to be out there doing it. So George impressively doing what said Harry fighting the dark art said frit. He seen it all said George mazing said Lee, Ron dived into his bag for his schedule. We haven't got him till Thursday. He said in a disappointed voice, Moody's methods might be anywhere from misguided to outright abusive to truly ominous. But soon start thinking about that. They see someone who can change the way they think about the world ends, give them a little bit of power as well. Listen, you learn how to put someone under your control. That's bad. It's also kind of. Thrilling real purple man vibe from you. I'm just saying like, you learn you is someone's just shown you the arsenal. That's undoubtedly seductive, kill grave. Let's move on. Yeah. I've taken a turn chapter fourteen the unforgivable curses, another walking Bangor, and I all him chapter. I will say, I, I'm reading this. I had. She introduces so much that was either hinted at or that takes you completely by surprise. And I was not prepared to be like, here's the three worse things you can do to someone magically. No, it's wild and total enthralling and it's good that you mentioned right off the top, the three worst things you can do. Because in retrospect maybe we should've known. I moody was really dark wizard disguise. Maybe it should have been attell when he decided at all. But particularly on day one of class, say one to teach the three worst curses to children. A lot. It's a lot, Harry Ron reminder. So excited for the first lesson with him because it's all they've heard about, oh, this is cool. Wait till you're there. He's really been there now and they're so excited. They grab a front row seats. Now we don't think of Harry and Ron is being front row seats. Students. There's definitely not. This is an event for them in moody does not disappoint. He opens by saying that he's heard from lupin which is just a great little that lupins like, here's what they've learned right. That is wonderful from lupin about the dark creatures that this classes Kern on, but he's also realized that they are quote behind very behind on dealing with curses, and he intends to fix them though. Does he quote I'm here to bring you up to scratch on what wizards can do to each other. This is disturbing language. This is the kind of idea that beds it self instantly in your brain. What wizards can do to each other. Now Harry, of course, has had to confront those realities..

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