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Oh this is for the mayweather mcgregor fight saturday nights all right for fighting yeah i think majko's your musical dirges very excited you gotta go to a bar you're gonna have people over what are you gonna do for the fight i see you're gonna pay the the paper view chart charge him ten bucks each love tip there eighty eight eighty eight ask leo the phone number leket saturday nights all right for fighting michael cozier musical director i think every song he plays his message in betted it's kind of part of the fun for me of doing the show his try to figure out why she plane this one what's this when joe on the line from el monte california hello julia laporte the techa i leo on on calling to thank you for one thing uh about to join me in obscure fact about an obscure hashtag uh which caused me to buy that stock and the stock went way up over here and because of that fact was when you said that apple this is years ago uh of had a program where they could run windows so i will let you know they're going gonna put windows out of business so i got out of microsoft to apple for the course nobody cares about that you know they said it was a gizmos i had no idea that the gizmos were who knew the iphone yeah you have to be fair first of all i now i don't make stock predictions uh and i don't buy tech stocks 'cause i want to keep some objectivity in the stuff i talk about on want anybody think oh he's you know touting apple because he owns apple stock and to be completely fair.

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