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Say Portland like to. Portland, your answer, my answer. They're not on there. So you're out. Sure. Thirty two one Travis would you like to take it? You Philly Billy the Sixers are on the one. Yes, they are near Keyshawn. You're still in it because rockets they were good answer. On the why you didn't pick him earlier view tall the jazz. The jazz are at thirty two one. There. Yes, Don Mitchell is on Utah quick. The odds Vega. The warriors. You're still top ten worries or fit the Celtics are seven nuggets are sixteen to one clippers twenty two one and the nets the Brooklyn nets. I was trying to get getting career or twenty five to one partition before we have Golden State on there, though. I would like to petition the visory board on this particular game because I have evidence, raptors participants had previously viewed the evident. What are you kidding? But I do witness second that on the background. I can second that on the back turn Roger did you did you not see the list ahead of time? I saw the top. Tally goes this is Travis Rodgers. Or you telling us on the. I am guilty of preparing for the show. Yes. Shave. Chris take shake. Preparing you see I do us last night. We don't prepare. Glassman city is driven by keys automotive group, visit keys cars dot com and they are proud this morning of what we just did..

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