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And the fourth hasn't had symptoms of the virus, also under quarantine, or lieutenant governor Matt Pennell and some members of states staff. Nell says he hasn't had any Corona virus symptoms. Oklahoma Education Association president Alicia Priest says teachers are eager to return to the classroom, but not until it's safe. She says covert cases and deaths are higher now in Oklahoma than in mid March. When school's closed, she says, education leaders have failed to take active measures and teachers are staring the consequences in the face. We shouldn't have to beg. Our leaders care about the lives of our Children and colleagues, but they advocate their responsibility, then we will not hesitate to defend the safety. Of our schools, she says. Masks must be required in schools in the state must supply the proper safety equipment to schools before they re open, she says. The lives of Oklahomans are on the line, and a hearing is set for Monday for David, where the man accused of killing one tells a police officer and critically injuring another during a traffic stop. I'm Margo Moreno. In other news, another call for a statewide mask Policy. The story from Beth Myers. House Democratic leader Emily Virgin says it's absurd for Governor Stitch who has been diagnosed with Kobe 19 to not consider a statewide mask policy. She says more than half of all other states now have ordered their residents to wear masks. She says governor still talks about avoiding another shutdown, But his policy, she says, continues to move us closer and closer in that direction. The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission says it's helped more than 6200 Oklahomans received jobless benefits during the recent in person events in Midwest City and Tulsa. It's adding two more events next Wednesday and Thursday at the Tulsa Fairgrounds, the agency said. It's paid out more than $2.4 billion in unemployment benefits since the beginning of the Corona virus pandemic. Take in March and the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is mourning the loss of a former canine Accel, who served from 2010 to 2017. I'm Margo Moreno.

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