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On your minds, especially if you are a Republican the top issue for Republican voters, probably something you can guess without even giving it a whole lot of thought here's KTAR Ijaz Cassandra's villas in to a new survey. It's immigration forty percent of Republican voters telling Reuters says the most important problem. Facing us, you send Republican strategist Jessica, colonial KTAR, h some non Republicans are starting to see the issue as well becoming more of a mainstream issue where voters across the political spectrum are starting to take a real interest in this issue for years. In fact, decades, we've been debating this nothing's been done to sell at Cologne says it's because we're over thinking it, and we need to keep it simple this occur border. And we have to have processes in place that allow the folks down there to do their jobs and refuse entry to people who don't belong earlier this year. Sixty five percent of Republicans told pew the top priority should be ending legal immigration. All right. We're asking all you today is immigration still your number one priority as we look toward the twenty twenty presidential election. Go to KTAR H dot com. Sound off on our Facebook page immigrants both legal and illegal make up roughly twenty five percent of this nation's federal prison population. Twenty five percent. That's according to new data released by the depar-. Of justice. This problem could eventually be alleviated and reduced and made better. If we a started forcing our existing immigration aboard laws immediately be in the military to the border to secure and three we start deporting as many illegal immigrants back home as possible William gain with the Americans for legal immigration pack. He says what's more alarming is the numbers only reflect criminal aliens who have been caught and prosecuted on how many are actually out there. President Trump orders State Department of homeland security to crack down on illegal aliens who have no overstayed their visas more than four hundred fifteen thousand people entered the country on non-immigrant visas and they've not yet left. He issued a memorandum Monday reading in part aliens must abide by the terms and conditions of their visas for our immigration system to function as intended individuals who abuse visa process undermine the integrity of our immigration system and harm the national interest in. Quote. Our news time six oh four six Sonian killed in a plane crash at a central Texas ranch. Eye-witnesses incur Ville say it appears that twin engine Beechcraft.

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