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And by the way, I think that's a big problem today. We're in a major of deconstruction Postmodernism was the word deconstruction suggests we're taking apart the views and the traditions that we've been taught we're very good at that. But what do we replace it with and someone can easily develop the cynical view that each culture each society, maybe even in each individual has their own views. There's no truth. There's no outside of the cave. If you will. So that negative moment is very dangerous Glock stop too early. He should have continued with Socrates. And I'm convinced that if he had finally come into the presence of the good more closely come into the presence of the goodness at the heart of creation at the heart of the world that he would have he would have had the fulfillment. That's what he's described in the Republic Saturday describes that happiness at the. End of the philosophical quest. I'm convinced that Socrates had it, and it would have been Glock on salvation. But my guess is. He didn't save him then work. Well jacob. This has been a great conversation. Is there some place people go to learn more about the book and your work? Sure. Well, I mean, you can you can I I actually have a a website. I think is called Jacob Helen dot com. I say I think it's called because I don't really look at it a lot, but you can look at my Gluck, my book Glock, cons, fate history. Myth and character in Plato's Republic on Amazon there there is a review coming out in the Claremont review books, and there should be reviewing city journal online in a month or two so check it on Amazon there a couple reviews, you can you can look at it there. And I hope that interested listeners will will buy the book and find out more about this sort of historical mystery, right? Well, Jacob Pailin takes much time. It's been a pleasure. Thank you so much Brad. I really appreciate your talking with me, my guest Jacob pal. And he is.

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