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Where like these collaborations with Bodey which by the way I should just say for the sake of transparency and to make the story is make as much as possible vote. He didn't ask to do those collaborations with me. I ask those. Boaty I contacted him. and said Hey, you're open to working together, and what do you? What do you want to do what you have? He offered teeth I did want. Clones clones I wanted something now get sidetracked But so now that I'm a year year and a half, or whatever into doing these race. I've tagged I duNno shit. Fifty, maybe at least fifty post you know, and said you know credit to the clone that he gave me the the black, Dryer Dragon Soul and I mean it's work after. Doing this fifty times literally it's taken I've devoted probably five, maybe ten, maybe fifteen hours of my life. Accrediting Boediono has. Still after a certain point, you're like okay I'm literally my thumbs. You're tired. Arm's retired from typing all the shit out. I don't need to do, but I'm not so good points for sure. I just think that takes time. It takes I. Don't think that it's necessarily is necessary as they like so like if I'm promoting the the plum Berry Kush. You'd like a lot of times I'll be just in conversation with somebody about that, and all the I will say. The personal BBC I lake early like dog or whatever? and I'll say oh. Well I have a line that actually smells like I'm dog hair got this mberi Kushtia. Whatever I just the fake of convenience and wanting to save my and energy. I might not I probably would say that the through the Cross of on Purple Unicorn and Blueberry and I wouldn't say that the cloud ration- for Brody between. Bodey might atom so. but if that person enquired upon any of those points, I would say that. And I think that is all that is really needed on at this point is that people just are honest about What the what the plans are, and that for me is the big one I like I who can big breeder that I can pick on the I'm not biased or or somebody else in ways I can't think of any. Just go pick on somebody random I. don't have a calculator. Capital capital. Yeah, he's neutral totally. Or naturally campus the. Cap wouldn't do as far as I. Know I and I don't even know i. don't care what cap would use but So the problem arises. When say somebody like cap? Who does have a big following it? He's got an establishment in his making money. They release something that uses one of my genetics, and they don't accredit me at all anywhere. They don't even say that they're used palm berry their when there is on there, that's the problem that the industry is having that the breeding industry having.

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