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Men's room in the talk sweet and three distinguished guests here there will be four during the last half hour and we're going to talk about the decade so well joining me tonight is M. Scott Carter he's the co director of the epic news network journalist in residence at epic charter schools a former Rep professor at Oklahoma City community college and colleague and award winning novelist he is here this evening to talk about the decade also here is Rick Allen Lippert yes that name is familiar he is an award winning writer producer and director and thirty five plus year video veteran his company liberty media L. L. C. produces informational videos and television commercials he works as an actor and voice over an on camera narrator and rounding out the top three of the men's room our Oklahoma county commissioner from district to commissioner Brian mon is here he was first elected in two thousand eight and was reelected to a second term in twenty twelve with seventy five percent of the vote and then was automatically re elected to a third term in twenty sixteen as the only county official who did not draw an opponent so these are my guests of the evening and much like last week we're going to handle the news of the decade the first half hour we're gonna talk about significant news stories of the decade that are significant to Oklahoma City the second half hour going to talk about the state of Oklahoma and the third hour or third half hour we're going to be talking about national stories followed by pop trends at eight thirty featuring Mike Gannon and I'll introduce him more later so well gentlemen welcome to one thousand Katie okay how is the weather in the men's room it's nice hi so far I like it here okay well I'm aren't you all friendly all I wanted to started off with the decade what happened between twenty for the year two thousand two thousand one and twenty nineteen and a few of read state where twenty ten thanks for the nineteen thank you all right you don't count yes that's right thank you very much okay Steve lack Meyer says the past decade for downtown Oklahoma City has been one of rapid transformation ten years ago we had a skyline without the fifty story Devon energy center and the twenty seven story be okay park plaza and then he makes a mention of the river commissioner mon what was significant to you in the past decade here for Oklahoma City well certainly not to gloss over maps but the fact that we had maps three get completely rolled out and then we of course just past maps for but as I pointed out last week we're talking about the notable things of the year I think the really remarkable thing is that we elected to increase our taxes here in Oklahoma City which is a really rare thing did you see any community we decided to bump it up for public safety and we really got a grip on our staffing conditions with local city police and fire and I think we've seen the benefit of that when you look at some of the other problems other communities have where they're challenged with strapped police force and fire response and we are geographically huge city one of the top five in the world square miles so the fact that they have to service so many areas let alone the population that continues.

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