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To the state's red zone more than $45 billion in governor Baker's Koven delayed budget pitch and it calls for more health care money and no new taxes. Hot takes on the Supreme Court nominee supporters and critics of any Cockney Barrett get to speak their piece in front of senators. Today. It's the final day of testimony yesterday, the Judiciary Committee digs deep and gets an earful. Except that smoking causes cancer. I'm not sure exactly where you're going with this, but you know that Notice the smoking questions what it is. You can answer to people. You know the Senator Harris? Yes. Every package of cigarettes warns that smoking causes cancer in exchange with vice presidential candidate and Senator Kamala Harris trying to get barrettes to give her opinion on a variety of subjects, among them. Climate change, ABC News correspondent Elizabeth Schultz, he says Obama CARE and Roe v. Wade Zwart. Among the other hot topics. Democrats and Republicans zeroed in on hot button issues include Ding healthcare vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, grilling Barrett on Obamacare, which Bharat has criticized Would you consider 135 million people who gained protections under the affordable care act? When deciding a case that challenges that long. I would consider all the protections that Congress put in place. But Republicans pushing back on the questioning, ABC News, senior national correspondent Terry Moran says barrettes impact on the high court is gonna be huge. She's shown in her writings that she's much more willing to be activist. She's much more willing To overturn precedent she's written if she believes the president conflict with the Constitution that's much closer to Clarence Thomas. Then.

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