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Exactly so. I'm going to go to eighty seven right right right craze on how you look sal you bet eighteen hundred. You're going to wear two thousand of something like that. I'm going to seize it. Sal teak three-team ten point teaser. Which means the bucks are sitting at minus one and a half the packers sitting at minus one and a half and the browns sitting at minus two and a half year sal street teamers a minus one twenty. I think all these teams winning by more than those spreads. I told you all right. Look at i will up. What are these teams. The browns are dogs. Lose this game. If anybody's going to strewn me on this it's going to be the falcons beating the bucks so right. It's going to be something serious. Could you went after me to me for mega. And you're right at the time and saying that maybe the worst book ever atlanta to win twelve game. Whatever stupid thing. I said he say we know the falcons. Oh matter what way. I take them they screw me but yeah right bucks a stiff far superior these three home teams this week. Sound against torri of the worst teams in the nfl. Take dan green bay in cleveland. Coming off losses Listen i'm definitely let me let's let me recap we'll listen to hear the obviously extra rest here to the parlay hawk and stays nineteen ninety-three parlay kid. Hi this this is. This is a girl was time taking a dirty. Three team teaser. Dropping ten points off. Everything doesn't want anyone to know about it. What twelve into that year on my first year. Really getting into this with three washington. I think that's in your washington won. The super mario washington san fran dow those type of team right now but i think that was nine so that was before. That was your senior year. I think that was my junior yard. It doesn't nobody really ninety one jazz down. Ninety-one giants mind is two an app. I'm with parlay kit harry. I don't know. I think brian you might be right with cincy. Harry i think toledo treats that as a as a hangover game for them they lost to notre dame by two might be hung or might still be celebrating losing by less than the field. I think spaghetti you try to weigh in earlier. We couldn't hear you any chance for notre dame covering that saleh gave up on minus three. I think saturday's eventually for me. I don't have to watch college football soon enough sundays. No watching college football to pick. I do like to pick out because the seven and a half. It was seven or less like you said it could be. you know. It's going to be a close game because notre dame's new defensive coordinator marcus ryan. He plays man. They've been given up a lot of big plays. I thought in the first week for. Fsu it which just bad tackling in the the rust from the first game of the season then we saw when when toledo comes to south bend toledo when toledo comes to south bend indiana. They're getting big plays on you. You have a problem. The talent isn't there besides kyle hamilton. Notre dame can score but man look at their schedule. They got like wisconsin and virginia. Tech and unc. Usc coming up a bunch of tough game. Cincinnati they're gonna they're gonna fall from a tree and hit every branch is going to be really rely actually last winnable. Game eddie williams. I don't have a lot of williams only getting three. And a half yards of kerry to compared to great season offense. A lion doff. The whole offense aligned ghost the nfl. I mean i. It's in their starting left. Tackle gets an injury one. You're going to have a tough time. There in cohn has enough time to throw the ball. But that's why they're putting in the the true freshman because he is more mobile and conan's lamar statuesque back there. And it's hard to get car. Williams and chris tyrod and it's it's just really a tough gopher them somehow they're winning these games with man like. I could tell brian kelly and his press conferences. He has not thrilled with the practicing on the field. We still can't hear your spaghetti. But i take. I think you said now we heard. I heard burn all right. Joel sam and you want to jump in good point bad point me. I just feel bad than hardest. Things eddie had to do this year. We're built a whole podcast studio for us and watch notre dame football. Don't know which luckily off the same time as a weekday. Yeah well let's see our good point a shout out to mikey meatball here. La and we learned one thing. We learned about mikey. This week is the extra stack he. He's taught your kids about if they wanna put on walian. You have an extra stack of peanut crack asleep of asleep of Ritz crackers and and just load up with peanut butter one by one right you guys. I not like when i was that. Not when i was not your seven year old. I seen really i. Yeah the listen. I'm going to try. We're going to try to gain weight now. He thomas jack that he's go from ninety to one ten he's promised. Archie will go from one ninety two these two twenty five. That's a. that's a big leap. That's i don't know if that's going to happen. Ne- balls Thirty five pounds. I will say for having michael out there. Great for archie. If archie is working out with michael by next year are she could be to twenty all right. Let's see i agree with that. Yes if you're if you're this is a good good tip if you're looking to put on weight for football season have the extra stacks of an honor of that. I'm giving the extra stack. Put it on a parlay kids over tightened seahawks not allow defense. They're just rushes. Roth is gonna cook. and he. he's cooking a a whole fist. Buffet over okay. We got that out. That was it only went over twelve games and shark tank and everything else. I hope that was enough for you. People don't be greedy or be greedy. Goad extra points dot com slash arcade. You could check it out. Lots of free to play games big prizes including you get a yellow extra points cap..

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