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Scott Goldberg convicted drug kingpin Joaquin el Chapo goes mom was sentenced today to life in prison wearing a gray suit and dark tie Joaquin goes on a dress the judge to complain about the conditions of his confinement which he called cruel and inhumane he said an air duct due to sell his soul out he can only sleep with ear plugs made of toilet paper and he questioned the jury's verdict after a report said jurors violated the judge's instructions not to consume media about the case shopbot said this was no justice Erin conter ski ABC news federal court Brooklyn a man from Canada who lost five family members in the Boeing seven thirty seven mass Max crashed in Ethiopia's testifying before a house committee Paul Jiro gay bars five family members in the crash she wants Boeing's to face criminal charges fourteen should not be allowed to act like imia investment company extracting world to switch I shall hold any tons at the expense of safety and quality leadership should change in favor of engineering safety focus before the start of today's testimony Boeing announced it'll start paying out the one hundred million dollars it pledged to families of victims the house of representatives is planning a procedural vote today to consider impeachment proceedings against president trump a day after voting to condemn the president's racist tweets the house will vote this afternoon on impeachment measure against the president representative al green of Texas brought this measure forward in a move frustrating even to some Democrats they want to hear from special counsel Robert Muller before considering impeachment but congressman green says this has nothing to do with the special counsel and the house has to impeach the president for his bigotry the last time green proposed impeachment only sixty members of the house voted in favor Trevor all ABC news Capitol Hill for the first time since nineteen ninety the total number of drug overdose deaths in this country is down down more than five percent between twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen according to the CDC you're listening to ABC news.

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