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Want the Reverend al Sharpton blames systemic racism and says god chose George Floyd to lead a movement for reform we are fighting wickedness in high places a Los Angeles police officers been charged with assault caught on video punching a trespassing suspect more than a dozen times in April in New York to protest continue authorities say they've uncovered human remains at the home of Chad day bell in Idaho his new wife's new children have been missing since September the trump administration's opposing calls to extend that extra six hundred dollars in unemployment for those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic my grass here reports labor secretary Eugene Scalia said the payments were the right thing to do but with the economy deep in the process of re opening circumstances have changed heavy rains in parts of the Midwest from the remnants of tropical storm Cristobal stocks were mixed today the Dow lost three hundred points this is a P. news police in Minnesota admit they flatten tires on parked cars at the height of the protest in Minneapolis Minnesota state troopers and a no cook county sheriff's deputies say they punctured tires on a number of parked cars after the protest against George Floyd's death began state police say they did it to disable the cars so they wouldn't be driven into crowds of protesters and or police the Milwaukee journal Sentinel reports of Wisconsin state lawmaker is demanding disbarment of a white attorney who blocked a demonstration in a Milwaukee suburb with her car and then spat in the face of a black seventeen year old who would ask her to move the car I took wire a DC National Guard spokeswoman says an undisclosed number of members of tested positive for coke with nineteen in the wake of last week's protests in the nation's capital I'm Jackie Quinn APNews corona virus update hi Jackie Quinn with an AP news minute the world health organization's trying to walk back comments about the new coronavirus not commonly being spread by people who don't show symptoms the AP's Maria Cheng reports the agency recently reversed itself about the need for a mask so many other health organizations like the CDC and European governments have made mask wearing either mandatory or strongly encouraged it and W. H. I finally did that Friday so it does seem like there's some change in their thinking nine California counties are reporting a spike in new coronavirus cases officials say it's mostly from Memorial Day parties and other gatherings some members of Congress are speaking out against nursing homes trying to force low income residents to hand over their federal stimulus checks the trump administration says it doesn't see a need to extend extra unemployment benefits to compensate for virus layoffs hi Jackie Quinn AP news hi Jackie Quinn emotional words from George Floyd's family at his funeral at a Houston church today niece Brooke Williams says things have to change their offices show no remorse well I smoke was so leave his body he big completed many tough just for you to give but you just pushed harder why must this system because it broke in more from our Jennifer king George Lloyd died on may twenty fifth after being pinned to the pavement by white Minneapolis police officer his death ignited protests against racism and police brutality around the world dozens of Floyd's family members dressed in white related to the sanctuary by the Reverend al Sharpton we are fighting wickedness in high places general speakers included Joe Biden who delivered videotaped remarks in Texas representative Sheila Jackson Lee there will be no more eight minutes and forty six seconds that you will be in pain without getting justice please body was taken by horse drawn carriage to a cemetery in peril and we're used to be laid to rest next to his mother I'm Jennifer king congressional Republicans are said to be quietly drafting legislation to change police practices and accountability Democrats have already unveiled a sweeping police reform proposal the Senate today confirmed general Charles brown junior is the chief of staff for the US Air Force that makes him the first black officer to lead one of the nation's military services Fulton County Georgia is among the counties extending voting hours tonight because of a lack of poll workers long lines with the pandemic and technical glitches voter Sara Paxton every time I post.

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