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Police interviews and years of investigation, rumors and theories, and still no one is behind bars are the bards town cases connected. Why is the killer still on the loose? People in Bardstown want answers. Breathing NewsRadio. Time is 8 24. Now on Colorado's Morning news were less than a month away from the election, and voter turnout is expected to be key and expected to be very high this year, one of the most active voting blocs, maybe young people and first time voters. Our next guest is the Colorado representative for Youth Service, America's Service Vote Fellowship. It focuses on increasing voter registration and mobilizing youth voters. She is eerie, high school senior in Colorado, a young leaders member Sasha Miller, and she joins us on the live line. Good morning, Sasha. Good morning. How are you? I'm good. Thank you. Is it tough to get young people to care about political issues? Or do you find more of them are engaged this year. This year has been one of the best years so far are getting kids engaged and getting them out there who want to vote. But before this year before all of this stuff is going on. It was incredibly hard to get kids to one about. What is it about this year is is climate change the biggest issue for most young people, or what are they caring about? It's climate change and many other issues they're going on, and we're also raised by the Supreme Court nomination and all that kind of stuff. It's comet changed it. LGBTQ rights. It's just right in general, Can you tell our young people mortgage Emma Craddick leaning than than right wing leaning or is it fairly balanced? I would say it very much depends on where you are a lot of the more rural places. There are a lot more Republican leaning where ah lot of them or city places, Suburban places their Democratic leaning Why would you say if a young person is listening to the radio right now? And saying I don't care about this? Why should young people be active voters in this election? Well as a young person if you register and vote, right when you're 18, you're more likely to continue voting for the rest of your life. And voting is a huge, important thing for deciding what is you They're important to you and deciding what you want to have a say on voting as a young person is a great way to get involved. Not only with politics but also in other activities and to get I'm coming ground with people. It's a very all inclusive thing to dio. This will be your first time voting in a presidential election. Are you excited about it? Um, yes, I won't be voting this year. I'm a tad dono. But yeah, this is cut off by about four months. Oh, I think a lot of my friends are voting this year and I have Like when I talked to all my friends and all my peers, they're beyond excited to vote and to exercise. Their right is fitted them. Are these young people active on a local level with those down ballot races that we that we hear about, or they mostly concerned about The very top of the ticket in the bigger races. Unfortunately with people my age and a little bit older, we don't really see a lot of engagement within local and state election. Ah, lot of them are very concerned with national doesn't what's going on in that oval, but not so much with the statewide ballot in the local talent. Are you being engaged? I guess by the candidates are they trying to reach out to younger voters? And if so, how are they doing with that? I think that a lot of the local state candidates reach out to people they know they can get votes from which isn't all these young people, so they very much target their recruitment and there Marketing efforts towards older people, You know, thirties forties and above. On the national level. A lot of marketing outreach has been done to younger people to people in high school and college and it's been extremely successful. Yeah, I'm thinking about just in the athletic world. Patrick Mahomes and LeBron James. The latest toe sort of pushed for for, you know, voter registration and things like that. That's got to help a Sasha before he run. I'd love to ask you about your school year this year with covert 19 Have you gone back to in person learning an eerie high school? Yes, we actually went back to in person Learning on Monday, so we're going into hybrids casual Wear. Half of the students go Monday, Tuesday and half of this you go Wednesday, Thursday, Would you say young people are generally not all that concerned about the pandemic? I think it really depends on the family. A lot of kids are, you know they don't care. They are like, Oh, whatever if I get it. Whatever I'll survive, and then a lot of kids actually being very careful about it. They're wearing their math. They're constantly washing their hands and stuff like that. Well, it will definitely be a bizarre senior year for you to look back and say Yeah, I graduated in the year 2020, but eerie high school senior Colorado young leaders members Sasha Miller, Thank you for joining me. I appreciate that perspective. We rarely talk to somebody under the age of 25. So thanks for coming on. Yeah. Thank you so much. And have a good day. You get you to a 29 heading back outside ahead of your newscast, Jonathan Steele watching that drive. Is it getting any better?.

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