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Or welcome back to Westwood one's coverage of Super Bowl 55, the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The long road that led us here with many unique twists and turns is a story unto itself. Now, in about 3.5 hours, the game which promises history, the chief's looking to become the ninth team with back to back titles. The Bucks hoping to put 1/7 Super Bowl ring on Tom Brady's hand. I'm Scott Graham. Happy to be back with your four Super Bowl Sunday, and my co host is a man who won two Super Bowls back to back, including an M V P honor for Super Bowl 32. He's an NFL network in Westwood, one analyst, the Hall of Famer, and he's been with us each week on this program all season long. Well, Davis. Welcome aboard Scott Man, It is eyes exciting and getting ready for this big game. A man I'll tell you what. When you look at how this one is going to play out, everybody is focusing on the quarterback's rightfully so. But when you start looking at a couple of the individual matchups in this game, there is a lot that ends up coming into play. And one of the things that everybody's been focusing on all week is the fact that the chief's dinged up on the offensive line going with backups there against a really strong past Russian. It Defense for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That seems at least right now to be one that's playing at its peak. Is that the key matchup in your mind? Well, that is one of them. I mean, we look at the Bucks defense and we've seen what they looked like the last couple of weeks and This entire bowls or defensive coordinator has really got them dialed in of they've gotten after, and Rogers drew Brees and, you know, I think this defense is gonna be, you know, formidable when it comes to getting after Patrick Mahomes, but You know, he's such a great quarterback. He's such a guy that can get out of situations that you don't think he could get out off s. Oh, that's gonna be a challenge for this team as well. When you look at it from your perspective, especially, I mean a running back a hall of Fame running back and very rarely these days. Is anybody say, Well, the running game is going to be a really big part of this. It seems like that's becoming an antiquated idea. Can the running game for the chief's help in some way, take away some of the aggressiveness of the Tampa Bay defense? Yeah, I believe so, Scott, because you know all the focus of this game really is going to be on the chief's weapons, right? You know, you got obviously Tyree Kill Travis Kelsey. But then you have the other guys out there to me, Cole Harmon, and then you have Clyde. That was the lair who last year was an El s. You had a phenomenal national championship game, and I think a game like this is going to bode well for him, because if you're tired of those, you can't double team everybody. Somebody's got to have one on ones. And if you're the bucks, you've got to put more people in coverage. So that's gonna leave a light box for Clyde Edwards. He later not only running but the short passing game, and I think that Eric the enemy, and Anne Rie will find a way to make this young man Have an impact in a game like this on the other side. Everybody, of course, is focusing on Tom Brady. I mean, he got them here, and he is once again right in the middle of the possibility of winning a Super Bowl, 10th visited incredible, absurd. It's absurd. When you look at this team, they've got a whole bunch of weapons as well. Is there one that you focus on the offensive side of the ball for Tampa Bay? That you think might have a bigger impact in this game than another? I do. I think it's actually Leonard for net and not necessary. Lee in the run game, But little has been really good in their passing game, and I think that kind of matchup between Leonard for net and the linebacker Damien went Wilson and Anthony Hitchens from the chief's because when you start doing that thing where they played in week, 12 for that had a decent game, but Ronald Jones caught the ball in the flat and was able to have a long touchdown score from that ball that was thrown into the flat so No one is talking about that. But I think that again, Hitchens and Wilson's gonna have to have a really good game and not again. It's not with him running with the football. He's been ah threat as a receiver, which is something that his game is never had. So I think, you know, of course, Tom Brady likes to get his backs involved in games like this member James White. He had a phenomenal Super Bowl. So I think, Leonard for that is gonna be a guy that's gonna have a have a huge impact. Last thing for this segment does the first meeting have any impact on what we're about to see in a few hours here or is that just research? Yeah. I think you could take some things. Most coaches look at the game and they kind of take the things that saw the worked. Um you know, everything goes. She kind of just you pick things of a game and say Okay, Well, we have success against this team before. You know, we'll try to do it again this time, but maybe we're gonna disguise it a little differently, but run the same kind of plays. So, yeah, I think you there's things that each team can take from that meeting. But, you know, I think it's about who can make those adjustments and going into this game, I think ultimately is going to be the team that comes out on top. Driver, Mercedes Benz van and find out how far an extra mile really goes from customization and service to financial assistance. Mercedes Benz vans are ready for anything that's T D..

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