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Public health the normally bustling business district of new. Rochelle a virtual ghost town. It's eerily quiet. There's not many cars. There are not many shop. Burs Bob Kent lives just down the street from the lawyer at the center of the outbreak. Do you get the sense that people are anxious about what will happen next. Yes I think. People have pretty. Well decided that it's in a sense unstoppable. I don't see any way that it doesn't continue to expand. Abc News getting exclusive access. To New York's Wadsworth Center in Albany the first state lab in the country to begin testing corona virus with its own developed test. There's no reason for panic here. There's no reason for undue anxiety facts. Do not back that up tonight. Nationwide many schools and universities canceling classes are holding lessons online. New York City schools preparing plans for remote learning capabilities. The University of Washington also teaching classes online after a faculty member tested positive and pharmaceutical companies are bracing for shortages to eighty percent of drugs consumed in the US come from China and India so more delays threaten supplies of critical medication late tonight. The city of Austin Texas cancelling the wildly popular south by southwest festival. A three hundred fifty five million dollar blow to the local economy. More than four hundred thousand people attend the event each year and David that lab here in New York state that developed its own tests received. Fda approval less than a week ago. They have confirmed most of the positive cases here in New York state but officials are reminding people that as they test more. The numbers will dramatically. Go Up David Johnson on the ripple effect across this country tonight and just moments ago president trump went to the CDC in Atlanta after his trip was abruptly cancelled for a time. Today the president said the reason he did not go at first fears that someone at the CDC might be infected later. He went amid questions tonight about the response about whether there are enough test kits in this country. Here's ABC's chief White House correspondent. Jonathan Karl Tonight. President trump visited the centers for disease control in Atlanta and insisted the federal government has the Krona Virus outbreak. Under control ahead of.

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