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Minister. Trial Could begin would be January 20th Inauguration day now as for whether they will have the votes to convict we know Republican leader Mitch McConnell thinks President Trump committed an impeachable offense, But he told his members It has yet to make a final decision on how he will vote. That means that the Republican leader is open to possibly convicting President Trump, ABC Senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce Johnson and Johnson making progress on its covert vaccine company reports in early phase one and two studies. The vaccine showed good anybody an immune response to Cove in 19 after just a single dose. Blood samples from volunteers showed there anybody response appears to have lasted at least 71 days. While those results are promising. The big question is how the vaccine performed in the larger phase three trial, The company expects to have that data ready at the end of January and hopes for FDA authorization by mid February. Mark Graham, a large ABC News The White House coronavirus task force has almost every metro area of the U. S, with a population of half a million or greater, is seeing a full resurgence of the virus. You're listening to ABC News. 6 10 K PK. Let's check some traffic and weather together. We'll start with case case. Dean Hess. This reported sponsored by Cal Hope and the California Department of Health Care Services downtown. Gonna split always where we start eastbound Camp City is now just about a nine minute ride. No real delays for you eight minutes out to Roseville from there. Here. Ted Douglass Boulevard on these about 80. Downtown L grove south Down by 5 11 minutes Now North bound. I fly man at foreign road. We hip apparently, like a tax trip or something in the roadway. Multiple vehicles pulled over with flat tires. Kitty, we have somebody with a wife in labor. Yeah, I had the flat tire as well. Apparently, they got somebody pick him up and take him on. But, yeah, he left his car there. Otherwise, watch out against North down by five Floren road. Watch out if you're north down, 99 cal bind right now. Still seeing some heavy traffic because of her to your injury accident. Slow down begins with Bond road. It's gonna be about a 16 minute ride. L grove on 99. Downtown to Folsom Eastbound 50. 18 minutes 16 minutes to Woodland north on I five in downtown Davis on westbound 80 is gonna be just nine minutes. If you're feeling anxious, stressed or lonely in these difficult covert times, call Cal Hope it 8333 once haven't hope that's 8333174673 or visit Cal. Hope dot org's to talk to someone who could help. Hope will persevere. Traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings.

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