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For a free estimate. 619830 80 63. That's 619830 80 63, the Andrea K. We've got K 12. We got them shoving every kid's on the college track get degrees that a worthless and then he got loans that they can't afford to pay back. And then we got Democrats that air telling us we've got to give them loan forgiveness, And it's a problem. The Andrea Keisha weeknight at six of the answer. San Diego, My name is number two. I mso maker and an immigrant myself. America's for gotten uncovers the unintended consequences off a broken immigration system. Seven year old girl died in the desert. This child came from the country. I'll leave it in the child. I can't go. I never expected this journey would lead me to a truth that I never intended to find. A great pillar of the community was killed by a man who had been deported at least twice a public with the outraged that they knew the truth. I found how much Americans are being lied to regarding our immigration policies at the border. My friends, my industry, even my family all value. He has the final message of this film..

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