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Nothing but luck. let's Review the horses coming out of the smith. We already mentioned baltimore. Bucko getting Wait but French light as well. Jibril farro For jack fischer and sean clancy's river d- and i suppose Needs plenty of consideration for leslie young. Who won this race last year. With for sean. And i i ever disagree. Funny horse As one up here. Going back to the kaiser two years ago and hasn't an actually has not won since i didn't just noticing that but The fact that the odsal win here goes a long way south Some thoughts about the other smith with Exeter's yeah once again. That's what makes a good race. I mean it's it's you don't have a stellar horse in the race. There's no snap decisions now. Decision by the way is is having to donut which is Throw about he's going to carry a bunch of weight and and get away. He wasn't ready to do with this summer. But he's gonna do it at belmont but there's no superstar in the race. There's no more scotto. there's no Horse like that at the moment so it kind of levels the playing field here. It's a it's a not a saucer raid one but it might be Just a notch below the top top without the big big course and that just brings a lot of voices interplay And you just name them all really station if he runs his race. He's gonna be right there French light i. I know that born is very high in carrying brown's Typically very optimistic about horses and she bet you. She really likes french lights. She likes the way. The horses training She got jamie barberie. Who's who's come over from ireland to to ride this summer and He's he's he's very accomplished writer. Feels good about that so And then of course fisher. How do you ignore fisher with the to river destabilse river. Deion is sean clancy that's his syndicate name And ours is steady iraq. In fact. I think he's named after a. I think it's a mountain range in spain or something like that but the horse has been very consistent as you can see by. Pp's he's got granddaughters one of our top writers and then he's got city dreamer which is another interesting horses. Written by parker hendrix song of ricky has and rockers. Don't wanna apprenticed He's he's got promising future. It's when i agree races all right. And he's going to be one of our top riders for short And you never know. I mean Rider Changes thing changing things around a little bit. His last race was a good race. He was you know fairly solid second Behind those well and that and that Goofy raised the main queen but You could make a case for just about every portion race well and I think we essentially yes. I think essentially we did there you go. There's the field right city. Were jibril farro baltimore bucko french. Light a silent a silent player. Excuse me The the longest of the carry beyond prices the mean queen recent revelations and reduce For i have to look at that. you know. The listeners set sounded a million times. But you know worcester courses. I mean you know how courses performance saratoga. It's just it's a different ball games. It's not a race me up and down hills. This is a flat track. Speed is of the essence and horses..

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