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I'm making Dennis wants to yeah, well on all given harm and as the handicap all for figures, alike was raised in flight parentheses. So Israel is a 155 and that's it. It's 5 pound better than there are. It might necessarily be true until it's proven otherwise, but as it stands, it is the best source. He'd be 8 next year. Do you go chasing with him next season, or do you stay over hurdles? Good shows, good question. Hard to know. He's worn a pint of pint. He looks America type R to me. However, he also looks at champion hurdle type R so it's a tough call. I would say tomorrow will tell a lot because it's regard wins and is a dynamo second. I heard you probably stay on for the champion, and I don't want to go jump on fences. However, if it's your way around, and then maybe we'll jump in fences and maybe dies or dynamo with the champion or ours. So I think it's all down tomorrow. Yeah, that's a really good show. Okay, so first race we're looking at. The 5 25 is the champion chase. Grade one. It'll be live on racing TV. And our game, the champion chase wonder, first source to win the race for Willie Mullins. Finally, that race is only CV. 8 to 11 shotgun, first of all, unseated his rider and Patrick Mullins is on board again, is 13 Tate with Cale ki, and then it's big prices all the way down. So the third place horse in the champion chase envelop in a race that did fall apart. Having a second run after a wind operation with Rachel blackmore on board is 20s Andy dufresne who both tennis and I were very complimentary of lumping that massive weight in the grand annual in the Johnny Henderson race with Mark Walsh on board is 16s and then captain Guinness is 33 with Devi on board. Does the champion Chase winner have a salute to victory here or a shotgun.

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