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Trevor City, Platte River, Quinn discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News


Quintiles family said that her body has been found nine and ten news out of Trevor city says the body was found in the afternoon in about three feet of water in an area that had been flooded near the Platte River outside of honor of the Facebook post reads quote we are heartbroken as the search did not have a positive ending please turn on your lights in the evening in remembrance of ada it's not clear at this time how Quinn tall died Michigan state police say a woman jumped out of a moving the lift car on I ninety six Saturday around eleven AM the driver reportedly picked up the woman in Livonia and was headed to the Porter street area in Detroit while driving eastbound near joy road the woman opened the rear passenger door and jumped out of the moving vehicle that's what the lift driver has told police warmers suffered non life threatening injuries and was transported to a hospital nearby at driver did remain on the scene the crash overnight on Detroit's east side leaving six people heard the crash happened early this morning and aggression in French roads no word on the conditions of those hurt or what caused that crash environmental crews continue clean up efforts are on a suburban Detroit freeway the Michigan department of environment Great Lakes and energy said yesterday the workers finished vacuuming sewers and working inside Madison heights based electoral plating services the chemical who's from the building's basement on Friday answering and I six ninety six storm sewer and a sewer clean out between the business and the freeway service Dr officials say the liquid was identified as water contaminated with the chemical old that's used in textile dyes and other products the added poses public.

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