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That's oh the trustees and what you understand so you can see how. The system could be easily corrupted. Reagan one said if you're young and And not liberal. You don't have a heart right because when you're young you tend to see the needs You know you want to change the world. But then he went on to say if you're older in our conservative you don't have a brain it's like when you grow up and you see how the world actually works and take personal responsibility There's a balance between the two in knows. I got older i. My brain grew three sizes that day. Ronald reagan also had another quote. Joel he said this. If fascism ever comes to america it'll be an it will come in the name of liberalism. You just don't understand travis. You just said it's not what i said. Yeah but you still don't understand tax defense citizenship. Loophole for us crypto votes may not stay open for accidentally burr this one but apparently that in several countries portugal saint kitts and nevis and our view. Barbuda dominica vanuatu. Ramada in saint lucia is you can basically In best in cryptos and in projects and eliminate all crypto gains there and get a passport between one hundred thousand nine hundred fifty thousand dollars and you got sedona lesson due diligence. These and then you're able to eliminate your taxes through that by giving passmore relocating out of that we're actually going to eliminate that and we saw this. Not general is i. Send it over the air but the g twenty was talking about and it's looking like it's not a pass a global fifteen percent tax for everyone that way companies to no longer circumvent taxes and offshore Setup things in panama panama papers every company every person in the world of fifty cent tax guaranteed. That's an additional tax on top of the bullshit taxes that are already take place. Doj coin has opened up the world to mean coins and the shiba inu coin is the latest one to get a lot of attention Vitale donated more than a billion dollars worth of sheep to the india kobe. Nineteen relief fund the Token is sheep s. h. Ib and now you know. It's raced up the charts on coin. Market cap and coin gecko in now they have sheba. Swap that has launched and this thing looks really promising. The index has surpassed a million dollars in trading volume twenty four hours after launch. I did say a billion a million right. It is a billion and actually you go look at sheba. Swamp s. h. i. v. a. swap dot com total value. Unlock one.

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