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Eighty. Them in new Bern, little lighters, carry lighters. It's not like you Arsenault anymore. Now you just go around with a little lighter. Insult them cleverly in, you're like, yeah. Have Scotland though, did you your family went? Yeah, feeling goes. Frequently? I have never been doesn't. Right. Taking the genealogy thing to another level. He not only has been researching it for years and years and years. He has visited and took Chandler on trips to Europe and stuff where then he found that his his family, the Strang's came from Luxembourg, if you go to Luxembourg, the, the cemeteries are riddled with Strang's. Okay. And so he traced him all the way back. We have genealogy. We are on the first ships in the Mayflower coming over bone blow, blah. He knows all this. He's passionate about it. None of us care. He wants to talk. She listen. He was talking about all the time. K. wrote a book about it to the point that he wrote a book about outta here. He literally wrote a book to me and Chandler. It's like fifty thousand words tracing our entire history of both lease a wrote it to us and then published it like self polish it on Amazon. You can go to Amazon and buy this book. My dad made from Chandler has I'm assuming you've read the book. I read it. We both. Counts you personally book? We told him we would. We would read it before the funeral. His own funeral. Y'all are monsters. This is horrible. I was NAMI. Ever. Keep. Awful. Like months ago, ample time to finish it ample time. Sure. Read that. That's so nice that your dad did that. It's so insulting. On your show. I meant to do yesterday was really. He's bringing up. Oh, yeah. You guys are on my car. You gave it to me at dinner one night and it still. It's the cover. Nice. So Amazon, hey, this is this real cameras house last two nights. If you would said, hey, my dad wrote this. If you're looking for some kind of hanging out, I'll take the book in my room. I probably would've finishing. Oh, look at this. This is where Cameron Cameron. The second ran into. Berry. A little nugget. What are we here? This is a fascinating tale, horrid. I could not believe the toward family history. It was basically like a lot of which is basically. Twilight match you with the romance novel. There's shirtless baseball and it's a in my Shamlan twist ending. I did not make sure to end. So horrifically. Toward toward, hey, we have a great show in store few today. Coming up later. Francis Chan joins us, he he has a new book coming out this week, and so we wanna have monta show today trances and you might notice that this episode is coming out a little bit earlier than we've been doing longtime listeners know few months ago after our six hundred episode, we decided to go to to a week, see how that was going. You guys have responded well to it, numbers are actually going up. We were worried that maybe it would split the audience, whatever it's growing everything or excite about that. We asked you guys on Twitter, if you weeks ago what your preferred schedule would be. And you guys overwhelmingly said, could we get the show on Tuesdays and Fridays? Not Wednesday. It would give us more time to digest each episode. Perfect. We are nothing if not teachable. We are here to serve the people's right. So not only is those lessons don't come in book form. Whatever still generations of knowledge. One toward volume other than that were pretty teachable. Other than that. So you guys ask for it was could could the episodes come out at the beginning of the day? Not the end of the day. The answer, yes. So we are going to be releasing the podcast now every Tuesday.

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