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Time for traffic and weather on the 8s, we've got Rita Kessler and the WTO traffic center. Well, it's getting windier. It's getting colder and the traffic is getting worse. So right now, if you don't have to go anywhere, it'd be a good idea not to reports of trees falling throughout the area. There can be icy spots as well. Right now, let's start out with what's going on on two 70. We were seeing a delay in my last report, southbound coming from one O 9 headed toward one 21 callers reporting whatever is going on there is not in the southbound direction. Looks like it may be northbound on two 70 along that stretch definitely seeing delays in both directions, but we can't see it. So not quite sure exactly what's going on there. Now, if you're continuing southbound after the delay, that looks good to the lane divide, head on to either loop of the beltway. If you're on the beltway, the inner loop after two 14 central avenue, everything finally cleared there the tree gone, the crash gone, all your lanes are open to those delays are starting to ease back. We do have delays in both directions of the Baltimore Washington Parkway, headed toward the good luck road overpass with nothing reported, also one 97 at Conti wrote in Laurel, those traffic lights are dark, no one on the scene directing traffic, eastbound four ten east west highway near two O one kenilworth avenue. That's a report of a wreck. We did have the crash in Charlotte hall along route 5 near oaks road in mount wolf road it was taking the left side in both directions. We're still seeing the delay on westbound 50 coming from route two crossing the southern river bridge. After the bridge you were staying left to get by the down tree in mount airy 27 or ridge road, north of route 80, you were under police direction for the problem. Also, 97 in brookville near Jennings chapel road people were being turned around at the scene due to a downed tree and wires in the roadway. Eastbound university, boulevard, near 23rd avenue after Riggs road, you had still been under police direction for a crash investigation from a wreck earlier this morning. In Virginia, southbound 95 after two 34 in dumfries the left laden blocked with the crash, watch for a solid backup. Save bigot whole foods market get 27% off select holiday cheeses with prime through December 24th while supplies last shop in store or online, term supply. I'm Rita Kessler W TOP traffic. Now to storm team four meteorologist Mike stennis. Partly to mostly sunny skies, windy, and sharply colder this afternoon. Watch out for frozen water on area roadways, temperatures are going to tumble into the teens to lower

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