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On the job in fighting in and in parenthood, you know, um I'm just in a good spot with that balance. I can It puts fighting in perspective. It kind of gives me a break had times from from being the tough guy and being surrounded by fighters. Like Like I said, in the quote when I come home and just be Dad, I don't have to be. The diamond. I don't have to be the tough guy, the the cage fighter. I could just be bad We can watch cartoons and I can play Barbies and Be a father to a little girl and not even think about fighting because it's really hard for me any other time in my life to not be thinking about fighting. It's always in the back of my mind. I'm always thinking about something that has to do with combat sports, whether it's a positional thing. Or who I'm fighting next or what it's gonna take to get me to align myself with another title shot. It just never stopped. The wheels are always turning in my head. So when I can focus 100% on something else and give myself a little break and spend time with my daughter and do other things, we get my mind off. Also combat sports. I love it because I need that because it's hard to stop this crazy brain of mine there right And it was always like that right as an example, you recently told Teddy Atlas That there was a time when fighting was your life. But now it's a part of your life. Like when did that change? And how does that change? Feel like? Is that a weight off your shoulders? And in fact, if you care a little bit less, or you redistribute kind of this, some of that doesn't make you a better fighter as a result. It does, And I think we're seeing that and I think it started happening. You know where my daughter was born, And then I kept the juggling and balancing act up. Was tryingto be the best father and also be the best best fighter and then the best husband and all these other hats aware Just like I said it puts fighting into perspective is just I something I do something I do very well, but it's just part of my life. Um Whenever fighting stops. I'm still gonna be a father. And I'm still going to be the president of the Good Five Foundation, and I'm still going to be a husband, you know, realizing that and growing up in the sport and being more mature now Let me put it that way. And let me think of it that way, and I enjoy it, and I love fighting. But it's going to stop one day and these other things were not so I'm just enjoying the ride. You know of everything. Before you go disappoint you. My guest. I was going to ask you next about the Good fight Foundation in 2018 when your wife started the good fight Foundation for those who are not aware what is the foundation about and what inspired you to start it? I met. My wife started the foundation two years ago. Like you said, after I had started auctioning off some of my Fight. Warn things I used to just auction it off. And then I would donate the money myself causes in the community that I saw, and we decided to start an actual foundation and give it a name that way. It wouldn't be just like doesn't boys Donates money to here or there. We can actually give it a name, Identity and tryto. Raise money and let it grow naturally and see what happens And it's done. That man is By far grown quicker than I ever could have imagined. And we've goals we've met last year were amazing. It was the first time we went outside the United States and we were Willinto, Africa and And got some wells dug there on bought bought a tribe. Some land and, you know, it's just amazing because it started off so small and so Grass roots here in Lafayette, Louisiana. We were doing small things like donating the food shelters and, uh, Just to see the road. We've traveled in this short a time. And and how far the good fight has reached in the word has spread its amazing I'm just I'm thankful, grateful and I can't wait to see you know. What this thing turns into, if we keep pushing it the way we are, what a great cause that must feel amazing. And you mentioned Lafayette. You've been awarded the key to the city of Lafayette, Louisiana. What's it mean to you to be from Lafayette and representing them now on the biggest stage? It's an honor. You know, I do it with pride, and I'm trying my best to do it the right way and give give people to row insight of what we have to offer and the type of people we are honest, hard working blue collar people. Who like to have a good time and like to support local businesses like it's a support our culture here in a K Deanna And like, Like I said, Man, it's an honor to wear the kiddie in a flag and represent Lafayette, Louisiana, on the world scale, But someone last night you made the point that in your career right now you want to make or take fights. That means something that adds your legacy. So if you're thinking about legacy going forward, what does that mean? For who you'd like to fight next? I don't know. I'm not sure what the what the options will be when you have C comes back and starts, you know, sitting at the table to make these matches It just it needs to be A really big name or or a title, fight, or I've been doing this for 10 years in the UFC and, uh and I still love fighting. But I want these fights to mean more than just a fight like I don't want it to just be about A show in wind purse or I wanted to be really mean something on and I know I'm on the back nine in my career. I've been fighting for a while, have 40 fights. And I want these last 45 years to really mean something every time I get into the octagon Not only for me and my family, but for the goals that I'm tryingto bring awareness to raise money for Um and and for my my career, you know, my I really want to leave a legacy. He is the number two UFC lightweight contender. There's no doubt you're going to do that, already. Number two in the lightweight division. He is number eight in the pound for pound rankings. He was the recipient of the inaugural Forrest Griffin Community Award, which is a great honor and the founder of the Good Fight Foundation. Best employee in my gas test in really good to have you on the show. Appreciate that conversation a lot and hope we could do it again soon. My pleasure man yet, you guys, you may email I'll be back whenever you want me love, good stuff. Man should die sooner destined ploy by my guest. Always going to talk you have seen on this program. Remember the first time I started talk? Mm, a Dana White Knight and I have had this conversation off there. And what the world was like then and what the sporting most reaction was to it then and what some of your responses were then. A lot of people didn't get it. And even I was a boxing guy through and through, But when I first started to see UFC and Emma. I'm like, Wow, man. This is different. This is really interesting, really different to keep an open mind to it. Like I got it. And there are a lot of you who did not, and even some people around me who, for whatever reason, didn't get it. There's just way too many people like I don't know this guy David in Houston. What year was this? Alvin? It was 2008. And I'm talking about even back prior to this. But even as recently as 2008 I was still getting calls like this to the show when I interviewed Dana White or when I talk to UFC, If you really want to see a slope first watch the classic Biswas. Robinson against anyone. Those guys sugary Robinson, that's real fighting. This is just a sign of how society is. The King is not fighting two guys. They throw punches, Then they get on the ground and hump each other. It's disgusting gym. I was an actual call to this show. That was not a crank call that guy you could hear his voice man like he was really offended. Quote. The UFC was quote an example of the decay of our society..

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