Tina, Vince Russo, Roddy Piper discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard


You mean those were not allowed to say we're gonna talk about tina on the w network we might not only just talk about tna we might talk about the magnificent the phenomenal one that's that's all i can say i mean we might talk about a phenomenal one i can't say his name what if i just gave initials well i mean you gave them this for the company became let's give initials here no fe full name just give us some initial okay a j we might be talking about him coming up and drax the destroyer only covering him later on so we're gonna throw some new topics in there and some different things that you may not get here on the podcast get upset at us for that either it's only nine ninety nine a month and you get access to the entire me network and get the pay per view in you get us with a new episode every single wednesday but we are available all all the time on demand all you have to go pull up the shows check them out you can like it go back and check out the old shows as well the old shows meaning stuff you haven't seen before okay maybe you've heard us talk about venture so i'm telling you put it in there that million dollar man episode is an excellent example of that you see behind the scenes footage of them feuding all the stuff of better jewelers debuted the million dollar bill just awesome stuff that man you're just probably not gonna see otherwise check it out wb network something else to wrestle gotta tell you a funny story before you do sorry buddy story you and i were talking and i didn't even realize especially on the million dollar man and the vince russo one there was i didn't even know existed i get so sick of listening to myself talk i don't wanna go back and look at myself in here me talk but i went back and watch both of those because of the never before seeing footage stuff i didn't even know existed with roddy piper with the million dollar man with russo so that's worth it there we sell.

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