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There's a there's a brilliant phrase for in hebrew i'm not i'm not a conservative jira reform do or secular gee what i am is dot lush which means which stands for data chevelle it means used to be orthodox it is category mean design thing you haven't left it's you've left an institutional expression but it's in you is the way i feel about christie i haven't left christianity how could i i may be on the edge of it i may be offended by much of it but it but it's deep in me at gave me my songs in my stories you're you're manifestly still of that we should we should come with disobedience would you mentioned your first i is now completed film what was it about the experience of writing fictional characters including this character of ronit who's a something of an outcast the helps you understand something about your faith that the lived experience your childhood couldn't help you unstamped oh it's do you know what it's still very hard onto that question something a bit mysterious for me about what it was that happened in the writing that book but the book is about these two women who somehow in some way are two parts of myself so there's esty who stayed within the community who is left and they had had a relationship when they were young women and then they meet again older i must say that the film is wonderful so sds played by rachel mcadams and rene is played by rachel vice and they just extrordinary performances i think they really got at the heart of this question of why stay why leave for me there was a moment it felt like the point when you turn your brain off just as your jumping off the high board in the swimming pool you know that's everything.

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