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The guy shows up to sixty year old delivery driver shows up get south and he's he shot he shot and killed the two people the police now and it was a robbery i mean it was one like let's robbed the pizza delivery guy and let's killed the pizza delivery guy of the police have now apparently arrested a twenty five year old guy liz in an apartment in the bill ding as well as the man seventeen yearold cousin she got a 17yearold and a twenty five year old who apparently murder a sixty year old pizza delivery driver in cold blood i mean seriously in cold blood as is all as part of of this you know robbery and i'm sitting there thinking okay first of all how much money can you get from a pizza delivery driver i mean seriously you know how much could he have 20 bucks fifty bucks one hundred bucks how much money to demand theoretically have in his pocket and and yet that this is you know that the cost of life he had a sixty year old guy who whose debt but unfortunately just like so many people now they're becoming targets and i guess i know we've talked about this before but i really do think it is getting to a point where you're going to have like some of these businesses look and i understand is a lot of business mrs round here who depend on deliveries that that's the nature of the business you call us up we'll get the sandwich two you will get you the pizza and if you take away deliveries well he going to hurt their business substantially but at the same time i i'm telling ya if i was if i was a delivery driver i think this would be one of the cajun's were i would seriously consider carrying a gun myself getting a permit carrying the gun legally myself so you could potentially defend yourselves the bigger picture is in a what are these stores way to do to protect their drivers and i think one of the things that you're going to has he happened more and more is that the drivers are just not going to be allowed to get.

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