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Concerns like that's their commitment now now he's their guy now they were saying all along yeah last week they couldn't find a terrific wants to pay eighty million when when Jalen can I get four eighty and people like that's an overpay or if they if he thinks is going to get more than they bonus good for eighty one simone it's a no leverage I'm GonNa say we have this season we'll tell a lot it was now he's kind of like he's not the first option because campus GonNa Start Celtics Eastern Conference goes right or they could be the one or the two honestly okay so I'll say second round losing to one of those seven games is the ideal sure lost count the same but yeah you don't think one day it'd be one or two I don't like the bugs definitely not by a bad match for the bucks and Philly I think wheatfield affiliates such a team to just crack unlike the the Celtics will get them beat them out game seven and get swept box see that's what I feel like when you have like Al Horford those like you Eke at those game sevens now I don't know who's going to be that Horford and Al Horford literally lost game seven that he did not seek out uh-huh against the cavs don't count on the court that'll go type person town was trained for Tristan Thompson Billy get some I cruise into the final it would be very funny affiliate just kept getting all the guys who would stop their frontcourt guys I think it's a great move because now Janas the deal any more but they got embiid and Horford Schick I love I love I don't I don't I can't see any other eastern conference final than those there's no other one I want I know that much that's fair Yep Bucks optics would be the box and three yeah they've is cancelled will lose some viewers you big market like Boston yeah I gotta say a team that just came up I don't think the pace is going to make the playoffs nominee because all the data because a lot of stuff like that they're going to try to make this big front court work they have like they got pieces but they got pieces like you're avait like they gave TJ worn with for reason the suns are bad that's fine jeremy lamb was one of those no names with with him last year and he was like I'll come to the pacers okay brogden spine but the bucks the best team in the League regular-season leisure like we're fine letting you go well it wasn't that they'd made a choice they they didn't feel like they chose like Middleton's a lot they weren't losing the two of the three and I think the choice was Lopez over Brogden yeah and the problem was hurt for like the whole year always are so it's like if he can keep things afloat depot gets back but he gets her to also only by the terrible injuries yeah so I don't think they make the playoffs this year I could see no I could see that I I hate the Pacers there so don't love it you can't stand the Pacers this annoy me the uniform it's just like reading Miller Pacers like what is that what even is a pace her mind you Jim clashing take the paper test as don't like their team I never enjoyed them okay I don't get that take the Pacers one of the biggest rivals in early two thousands with the Jamaican Neil team so I've I've got some some deep hatred for sin subsided all right the next thing yeah most you have any like over unders pulled up for these teams could take some definitely grabbed those I also I'll go miles turner was my nba player. I always liked play NBA we will do fancy drafts but then like we'd we'd have the draft classes also in their Swedish drafting and I oh he was sick so I always thought it'd be great is good yeah but he's I don't like the pace let's take in the Atlantic otherwise I'd have no or we could just the magic couldn't make the playoffs again what do you think about false did you see his shot that video they're like making him when he made shots still not great just didn't look right what happens how does that happen I he just still doesn't have like.

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