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You would please listen to. What my new favourite songs. It's canola fields by the wonderful. James mcmurtry thinking about you cross canola fields on that day about the same chartreuse suzette sixty nine bug used to drive around san. Jose never knew my own when martic party on the suicide doors bring the kids and the dogs in your grandma will head room for more white-knuckle ride back from santa cruz. Second best surfer on the central coast. Had you wrapped up all the way back to los gallos and that is through like we were adam to start with it at no basis in fact but the whiskey could push me to certain extremes. I don't want to think about that. I don't want to say about that. Jake minehead murray bad kid. Alabama real filtered away with the days gift showrunner seeking our place in the greater scheme kids and careers and of aches bust in the part of the scenes switched coasts. Moved in with your sister dash sheet account at familial bliss. Women have been brooklyn before hipster. Eukaryotic fist way. Back corner of across town bus. We were hiding out under my hand cash in on a thirty year. Crush can't be you know and do that. She can't be young balls reading. Dr man down down Thinking about you cross and seven now burden canola fields at harvest time look like tumbleweeds r raked into rows brown rested contour ones. There's not much moving on a romance radar not that. I'm craving it all that much. But i still need to feel every once in a while the warmth of the smile and the back corner of across town near a hatton added cashing in on a thirty year chicago dude that she can't be your dude that being young and mary off Oh my goodness james james j. I've mentioned james mcmurtry before and He's just one of my absolute favorites and this song. I heard for the first time maybe a month ago when it was released. His new album comes out and a few weeks and a. Oh my gosh this great. And then i really started listening to a more went. Oh no this is a this is more than great in my opinion if you didn't you know upon your first listening just now if it's not your style totally fine You know. I would never argue with somebody. Who said they didn't like something. Everybody's tastes are different. But this thing kills me. I mean it just it makes my heart swell and ache and And and the lyrics have a lot to do with it. I just think it's it's perfect. And i think it really can be examined like If you've ever taken a poetry course or a literature course or whatever and. I i'm a nerd when it comes to this stuff but I always loved when we would really analyze the written written work and While this wasn't meant to be read it was meant to be listened. Listened to I still think it's worth that sort of analysis. And i'd like to do that with you Boy and instead of like playing some pausing and then playing in pausing. I'm just going to read the lyrics and kind of talk about because another thing i was thinking about was sometimes we take lyrics for granted i remember having a discussion with A buddy of mine about a cheryl there..

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