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And somehow was runner up in the mvp that year. Then there's also nineteen thousand nine hundred forty one ted williams yet. Another runner-up chalk. This up to joe dimaggio's fifty six game hitting streak but how does a guy who at four zero six batting average five thirty three on base seven thirty five slugging not win. The mvp williams led and war runs homers. Times on base. Dimaggio did lead in total bases. Rbi an extra base hits but my goodness what a year that is. Nineteen forty one. You had a guy hit four hundred and you had the other guy have a fifty six game hit streak and both of them in the same lake in nineteen thirty five. You had arche vaughan of the pittsburgh pirates get dutt. He never won an mvp. The hall of fame third baseman for the pirates. Back in one thousand nine hundred thirty five hit three eighty five. An on base percentage of four ninety one slugging of six. Oh seven he was eighth and runs tenth and hit seven total bases tenth in doubles ten triples eighth and sixth rb is and i don't think he even finished near the top when it comes to the mvp voting. Let's see he finished third that year for mvp just absolutely astonishing the years. These guys are having nine hundred thirty four. You have lou. Gehrig of the yankees. In addition to leading the league with triple slash radio led the league in war total basis home runs. rbi's he was third and runs. Second in hits ninth in double second in walks and he finished fifth in the mvp. Oh mvp voting and nineteen thirty four. He had forty nine home. Runs one hundred sixty six ice. I mean come on this just absurd going back in the day here and finally the last guy to do it lead the league in the triple slash and not win the mvp in one thousand nine hundred thirty three chuck klein of the philadelphia phillies. He was the. Mvp runner-up to pitcher. Carl hubbell who had a one six two point nine eight whip now. These are the pre cy young days so it made sense but klein lead position. Players in war hits doubles home runs. Total bases was second in runs and my goodness just looking at his year in nineteen thirty three twenty eight home runs. One hundred and twenty rb is of one point. Zero two five and again finished runner up because didn't have a cy young award that year. So vlad guerrero junior. He's in some fantastic company. When you listen to those names. In the years they had an ultimately fallen short of the mvp award in the american league but just briefly touching on the other awards. Where the odd stand here now in the national league for mvp. Fernando tat tease. Junior remains your favorite at minus two fifty in second place. Bryce harper at plus three eighty behind him freddy freeman at plus nine fifty. So it certainly looks like tat teases award but bryce harper's odds continue to increase and then looking at the cy young awards in the american league. Garrett cole still the favourite at minus one thirty three bobby ray closing in all the way down to plus one sixty to win the award and then the most up for grabs award. We have right now. Is the national league. Cy young walker bueller plus one sixty eight corbin burns after throwing eight no hit innings plus one seventy three and then max scherzer all the way down to plus two twenty eight after what he's done for. La so three horse race now in the national league. And certainly tossup coming down the stretch here in september but that'll do it for the third segments of the mcc baseball podcast brought to you by gmc. Podcast network will step aside here now for one last word from one of our sponsors one of our sisters shows but when we come back we're talking trade deadline acquisitions who were some of the best of all time. Also jump around the league. Make sure you guys know everything you need to know here.

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