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Orleans to phantoms in texarkana. And if you're feeling especially generous head over to our patriots where for just a couple of bucks a month you can help the moratorium grow and that would be pretty kick ass and remember long. Vhs here at the moratorium we pride ourselves and our rich thoughtful humor. We wanna create a creative space where all can come and not just watch a gritty low budget horror film but experience it through the of two men who pride themselves on quality entertainment here for more on this subject is the very star of this film hill. Cue the music and in three two already got it of entire match. I'm insane punctuate the match made in a bathroom floating into the void. We'll let me tell you water the sawyer starting off. There is a basket case musical. Yes you knew this. You didn't tell me about it. Been awhile right i mean. Is it still thing. Well i mean this is on video. It's on youtube and it looks like it was just put out in twenty twenty one. I can't find any real information about. Oh and maybe something actually happened and then they decided to make a movie over the dog. Yes right because this is You know it's feature length right. It's black and white lobos songs or are well done. I sorry now. I'm going to be seeing this shit in my head for the rest of the night. Nice i think this movie deserves a musical. It was fun. The music numbers were good The girl who is in it. I guess playing the beverly bonner character in the movie. She is like the love interest. I think they just combine the characters. Just because of you know wanted to keep it. Small and lack of settings i see. She's his neighbor but also his love interest right right she comes in and actually she brings a bottle of liquor into his bedroom and they ended up getting drunk there and having the whole conversation they had in the bar in the hotel brawls lamb right. Did you read that. That was a. That's one of the only props of the movie was the sign for hotel burleson. Why i don't understand that. That was actually hanging outside of An apartment it may have been. Kevin van hinder ix Apartment i think and they built a shine to hang outside of his apartment just to get that as a shot the the whole thing on top of this but anyways dot to finish.

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